Introduction to the person in charge of the research group: 

       Weidong Yang, Ph.D., Distinguished Researcher of the “Hundred Young Talents Program” of Tongji University, PhD supervisor, Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program (aerospace talents in short supply). The main research directions include smart composite materials and structural mechanics, multi-field coupling mechanics of micro-nano devices, and artificial intelligence flexible electronic device design. Now presides over a number of national and provincial-level projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology Key Special Projects, and has undertaken important projects such as the 973 project, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Boeing International Cooperation Project, and the Singapore National Robotics Research Program. Subject research. Served as a member of well-known academic organizations at home and abroad such as the International Society of Computational Mechanics, Chinese Society of Mechanics, Singapore Society of Computational Mechanics, etc., and reviewer of many SCI academic journals such as acs nano. More than 20 papers have been published in authoritative academic journals such as PNAS, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Composite Part B: Engineering, Composite Structures, Structural Health Monitoring, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Engineering Fracture Mechanics. Won 1 international invention patent, and was invited by Cambridge University Press to be responsible for the compilation of monograph chapters. 

  Attach personal homepage:

● Recruitment direction: 

(1) Composite material structure mechanics modeling, finite element simulation and numerical calculation; 
(2) ) Molecular dynamics simulation of new materials, first-principles calculations, etc.; 
(3) Performance prediction and structure optimization of new materials based on deep learning. 

● Recruitment position: 

★ Postdoctoral position 
(1) Application conditions:
1. Excellent doctoral graduates or post-doctoral personnel from domestic and foreign universities (within 3 years of doctoral graduation), in principle, no more than 35 years old; 
2. Strong in basic and engineering application disciplines such as materials, mechanics, physics, machinery, and artificial intelligence The academic potential and a certain degree of independent innovation ability have a good research foundation; 
3. During the doctoral period, they have the experience of participating in high-level research projects and have achieved good scientific research results, and can independently apply for and undertake research projects. 

(2) Salary: 
1. The post-doctorate’s annual salary is 300,000 yuan, and corresponding year-end rewards will be given according to work performance; the annual salary of excellent doctors is negotiable. 
2. Assist in applying for various national and Shanghai talent project programs such as the National Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program, the Postdoctoral International Exchange Program Introduction Project, and the Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Program. 
3. Tongji University provides post-doctoral apartments, as well as employee welfare policies such as children’s enrollment (primary school) and nursery school; 
4. For those who have excellent results in the post-doctoral stage, the research team strongly supports and assists in applying for official teaching positions at Tongji University. 

● Contact: 
Mobile: 13611972229 
WeChat: yangwd909 (add note “postdoctoral application + name”)

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