Postdoc Position 1

1. Research directions: – Resilient

City and Infrastructure
– Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Risk Analysis
– Spatiotemporal Big Data Analysis
– Urban and Regional Transportation Research
– Urban Computing and Urban System Modeling Tang Junqing, Assistant Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, School of Urban Planning and Design, Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen University. At the same time, it can be jointly guided by Professor Zhao Pengjun, the dean, and professors from the world’s top universities such as ETH Zurich, University of Cambridge, and University College London. After entering the station, you can directly participate in the training of team graduate students. For the introduction of cooperative tutors, please refer to: – Key supporting topics: The team currently has a scientific research start-up project for overseas high-level talent introduction of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Guangdong Province Foundation and Applied Basic Research Fund Provincial and Municipal Joint Fund Project, UCL-PKU Strategic Partnership Fund Project, Intra-CREATE Singapore National Fund Committee Project, etc. – We are a young team with a team atmosphere of “forge ahead + flat management”. 3. Application conditions: – Have obtained or are about to obtain a doctorate degree in urban geography, disaster geography, computational urban science, transportation, system science, urban management, GIS, computer, data science and other related majors, under the age of 35 ; – Publish 2 or more high-quality papers; – Have independent scientific research ability, be proficient in theories or methods in related fields, have enthusiasm for research, strong hands-on ability, strong endogenous motivation and good self and time management skills ; – Good English reading and writing skills;

– After entering the station, you must be engaged in full-time post-doctoral research;
– Be healthy, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
– Meet the postdoctoral recruitment requirements of Peking University.

4. Salary:

– The employment period is generally two years, and the annual salary is 300,000-340,000 yuan, including a basic annual salary of 120,000-160,000 yuan per year (before tax, including five insurances and one housing fund), and a postdoctoral living allowance of 180,000 yuan in Shenzhen. /year (×2 years);
– Those who stay in Shenzhen to work after leaving the station and have signed contracts with enterprises and institutions in this city for more than 3 years can apply for scientific research funding from Shenzhen (300,000 in total); Or after leaving the station and staying in Shenzhen, you can apply for Shenzhen related talent incentive allowances (from 1.6 million, subject to the latest relevant talent declaration requirements in Shenzhen)
– If you meet the conditions, it is recommended to apply for various post-doctoral talent projects
– It is recommended to apply for China Postdoctoral Science Fund General funded projects, National Natural Youth Fund, Guangdong Self-Technology Fund, Joint Fund, Shenzhen Self-Technology Fund and other scientific research projects;
– Assist in solving school dormitories or talent apartments.

5. Application materials:

Please send your detailed resume, research statement, representative works, and other materials that can explain the situation to Mr. Tang Junqing’s mailbox ( ), the subject of the email should be “Postdoctoral Candidate + Name + Unit”, if appropriate, a detailed application discussion will be made. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult at any time.
For the official application requirements and procedures of Peking University, please refer to:

Applications are accepted from now on, and you can enter the station at the beginning of each month. Postdoctoral fellows are recruited all year round.


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