The School of Pharmacy of Shandong University was founded in 1920 at the Department of Pharmacy of Qilu University. It is one of the earliest higher pharmacy colleges established in my country. In 2017, the pharmacy discipline was included in the “Double First Class” discipline group of Shandong University. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2017, it was awarded a- for the discipline of pharmacy, and ranked sixth. 

1. Professor Li Xiaoxun, School of Pharmacy, Shandong University, doctoral supervisor. In 2014, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a doctorate degree; from 2015 to 2017, he engaged in post-doctoral research at the School of Chemistry at Stanford University; in 2017, he was selected as a “Qilu Young Scholar” and joined the School of Pharmacy at Shandong University. This research group is devoted to the design of new chiral catalysts and the research of asymmetric catalysis; the design, synthesis and biological activity research of small drug-active molecules based on the target structure. In the past five years, he has published more than 20 papers in internationally renowned journals such as j. am. chem. soc., angew. chem. int. ed., chem. sci., and obtained 2 authorized US patents. 

Due to the needs of scientific research, the research team is looking for 1-2 post-doctoral researchers with high salaries. 

2. Job requirements: 
Those who have graduated or are about to graduate with a Ph.D., with a research background in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, etc. are preferred; 2. Those who have published high-quality papers in related fields are preferred; 
3. Have good English reading and Writing ability; 
4. Serious and responsible work, good communication skills and teamwork spirit. 

4. Relevant treatment: The 
research team has good experimental and scientific research conditions, and provides opportunities to participate in high-level academic conferences and exchanges with foreign research institutions. 

(1) Salary: Salaries and benefits are implemented in accordance with the relevant standards of Shandong University. The research team will provide an additional performance of 100,000 per year on the basis of the school’s salary.
(1) Specially funded postdoctoral fellows, no less than 400,000 yuan/person (pre-tax, school treatment 300,000 + research group performance 100,000); (2) Key funded postdoctoral fellows, no less than 340,000 yuan/person (tax Previously, the school’s salary was 240,000 + the performance of the research group was 100,000); (3) Project-funded postdoctoral fellows were not less than 280,000 yuan/person (before tax, the school’s treatment was 180,000 + the performance of the research group was 100,000). Specially-funded Ph.Ds who meet the training requirements can be directly transferred to relevant subject teacher positions, and can also participate in the selection of Qilu young scholars and other talent programs; key-funded Ph.Ds who meet the requirements in the late-stage assessment can be recruited according to the job recruitment plan of their unit post. 

(2) Other benefits: (1) The school has four affiliated hospitals and several affiliated primary and middle schools, which can provide high-quality medical and health care services and basic education services for post-doctoral students who transfer to our school. (2) Post-doctoral fellows shall pay social insurance and housing provident funds at the same standards as in-service teachers during their stay at the station, and enjoy the same books and scientific research resources as in-service teachers. (3) The school provides postdoctoral apartments for qualified postdoctoral students for preferential rental. (4) The school provides 10,000 yuan/year scientific research funding, and the funding period is two years. (5) You can apply for Jinan post-doctoral allowance, and the annual salary will increase by 60,000 after approval. 

V. How to apply: If you are 
interested, please send the application materials (resume, representative thesis) directly to , with the subject of the email indicating “name + postdoctoral fellow”. 
The research team organizes candidate interviews after comprehensively inspecting the applicant’s information and selecting the best candidates. 
Long-term effective until the recruitment is full. We look forward to your joining!

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