Information of the supervisor of the research group: 
Sun Shigang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor of Xiamen University, and vice chairman of the Chinese Chemical Society. He graduated from the Department of Chemistry at Xiamen University in 1982, and received a national doctorate degree from Curie University in Paris, France in 1986. Long engaged in electrochemistry, surface and interface science and electrochemical energy research. He has won the Brian Conway Medal of the International Electrochemical Society, the China Electrochemical Contribution Award, the First Prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education, and the Second Prize of National Natural Science. As the corresponding author, he has published more than 620 papers in journals such as Science, J Am Chem Soc, Angew Chem Int Ed, etc. 
Zhou Zhiyou, a professor at Xiamen University, was selected in the 2011 New Century Excellent Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education and won the second prize of the 2013 National Natural Science Award (ranked second). Long engaged in electrochemical spectroscopy, electrocatalysis, non-precious metal electrocatalysts and fuel cell research. He has published more than 180 papers in J. Am Chem Soc, Angew Chem Int Ed, Energy Environ Sci, ACS Energy Lett and other journals, and he has cited more than 12,000 papers. Research 

Group Homepage:

Job Responsibilities: 
Carry out one of the following research directions: (1) Preparation of electrocatalysts (non-precious metals, precious metals) and surface interface process research; (2) Spectrum Learn about electrochemistry and fuel cell operating conditions/in-situ characterization technology; (3) development of fuel cells and electrolysis reactors; (4) electrocatalytic reduction of CO2; (5) development of new materials, new systems and new electrochemistry-related Device. (6) Theoretical calculations to study the electrocatalytic reaction mechanism. 

Recruitment conditions: 
1. Has obtained or is about to obtain a doctorate degree, under the age of 35; 
2. Has the ability to independently carry out research work, and has published more than one SCI area paper as the first author (excellent ability or topic Group shortages can reduce the requirements); 
3. Priority is given to applicants with research background in in-situ spectroscopy, theoretical calculations, material synthesis, and electrocatalysis;
4. Good English reading and writing skills. Those who have outstanding English ability can relax other requirements appropriately. 
5. Excellent academic ethics and teamwork spirit. 

which policy benefits and support for post-doctoral research group: 
(1) basic pay 260,000 yuan / year (pre-tax); 
(2) stop, particularly excellent academic achievements, could give Extraordinary research assistant, special Academic title of associate researcher and special researcher; 
(3) Provide Xiamen University post-doctoral apartment (about 60 to 70 square meters, rent 8-10 yuan/square meter/month) or rental subsidy; 
(4) Post-doctorate children according to school faculty and staff children Equal treatment for admission to nursery schools, kindergartens, and admission; [Note] Those who are selected as “Post-doctoral Innovative Talent Support Program (Boxin Program)” and “Xiangjiang Scholars Program”, the relevant treatment shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state and Xiamen University. 

How to apply: 
Welcome interested scholars to join and provide the following materials: 
1. Cover letter: Explain in detail why you are suitable for this position; 
2. Attachment: resume, including study and work experience, main research work content, list of representative papers, Please send the reward information to the following email address : , and the subject of the email should indicate “name + doctoral degree granting unit + postdoctoral application”.

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