Selection procedure for the awarding of 1 fixed-time research assistant contract/s for collaboration at research activity

Decree Nr. 1330/2020 of 04.11.2020 – Call

Faculty of Economics and Management

Supervisor Prof./Dr.: Moradi Alexander

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 (Economics)

Academic recruitment field: 13/A1 (Economics)

Title of research project: Frontiers in public sector economics and building automated geo-referenced databases (econfront)


Before filling out the online application form, we would like to inform you that the procedure is carried out according to the attached call.

The following browsers are recommended: Mozilla Firefox or Google Crome. When using Internet Explorer, you must have the latest version supported by Microsoft.

We would like to point out that:

  • fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the application form are compulsory;
  • when filling in the online application form, it will be necessary to attach the required documentation, using pdf or jpg formats, as specified;
  • in order to improve readability and support the candidate in filling in the online form, the form is structured into several sections; section titles are shown in the page header;
  • the sections that the user has completed will be highlighted in grey, those still to be completed in blue, and in the summary section, any sections not completed are marked in red;
  • when filling in the form, do not use the “back” button in the browser; to modify a previously filled in and saved section, click on the title of the desired section and at the bottom of the page, select the button “GO back to edit”.

The self-declarations requested in the course of the application are made in accordance with art.  46 and 47 of DPR 445/2000.  Self-declarations may be used by Italian and European Community citizens without restriction. For Non-EU-citizens legally residing in Italy, the provisions of the D.P.R. 445/2000, art. 3 apply, which allow the use of the self-declarations as per art. 46 and 47 of the D.P.R. 28th December 2000, no. 445 only if it is a question of proving states, facts and personal qualities that can be certified by Italian public bodies. Therefore, in the case of Non-EU citizens, except in the case mentioned above, the states, facts and personal qualities must be proven through the production of certificates or attestations issued by the competent authority of the foreign state. In application of art. 33 DPR 28.12.00, n. 445, for documents drawn up in a different foreign language from English, French, German and Spanish, a translation into Italian must be attached, certified by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representation or by an official translator. The Commission of Selection may ask candidates to integrate their publications in English, French, German or Spanish by sending them a translation into Italian.

Untrue declarations are punishable under the Penal Code and special laws on the subject.

Once you have completed entering the required data and attachments in the application form, we recommend that you do the following:

  • check that all of the data you have entered has been accurately completed;
  • if so, validate the entry, submit the application and check the confirmation message sent via e-mail;
  • keep a copy of the confirmation message;

We would like to point out that:

  • Before the application deadline, the applicant will have access to the online system 24 hours a day, with the exception of the closing date, as the application procedure will close at 12.00 PM;
  • in order to obtain adequate technical support, in case of problems that occur during the submission phase, it is necessary to fill in the application well in advance of the deadline. In particular, the application system requires the applicant to register, who will be provided with the access credentials necessary to submit the application: it is therefore necessary for the applicant to start the registration procedures well in advance of the deadline for submission of applications;
  • to report any problems that may have arisen during the filling in of the online application and/or to request assistance, a special link to contact the support is available at the top right of the online form. Depending on the type of problem, the Personnel Office Academic Staff (Ufficio Personale Accademico) will answer any questions regarding the content of the call and ICT will provide support regarding any technical difficulties. The timetables and modalities of assistance are regulated in the call.

Protection of personal data

With reference of the European Regulation 2016/679, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, as data controller of this selection procedure, informs that the data contained in the application documents will be used exclusively for the implementation of this selection procedure and the possible conclusion of the contract (see enclosed data protection instructions). The winner of the selection procedure will be appointed as an external data processing manager at the time of the appointment. 
Anthesi Srl, with registered office in via Segantini 23, 38122 Trento (TN), is the external data processing manager, only regarding the online management of the online application.

To complete the form, please have the following documents at your disposal:

  • CV in PDF format;
  • publications in PDF format considered useful for this procedure, including, where appropriate, the doctoral thesis, respecting the maximum number of publications to be submitted limit indicated in the call;
  • copy of a valid identity document in PDF or JPG format;
  • in the case of Non-EU citizens certificates or attestations issued by the competent authority of the foreign state to prove the states, facts and personal qualities useful for the purposes of the procedure in  PDF or JPG format;
  • At the end of the online registration procedure, after entering the required data, the candidate has two options to validate the application:
    • self-declaration: the system will produce a statement that the applicant must print out, sign in full and then scan the documents in PDF or JPG format. The document obtained in this way must be attached by the candidate to the application in the appropriate section together with a copy of a valid identity document in PDF or JPG format;
    • digital signature of the full application document: the applicant must download the PDF document of the application and digitally sign it as indicated by their signature service provider. The document thus obtained must be attached by the candidate to the application in the appropriate section.
    Only when completing of one of the two validation methods, will it be possible to complete the online registration procedure, at the end of which the candidate will receive a confirmation message sent to the address provided during the application process. Because the confirmation message is recognised as official confirmation of receipt, in the case of non-receipt you must contact the Personnel Office Academic Staff to verify that the application has been registered correctly.


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