The School of Environment of Jinan University is a relatively young, fast-growing and promising scientific research and teaching institution of Jinan University. It has doctoral programs in environmental science and engineering, advanced and complete scientific research equipment and a good research atmosphere. Professor Guo Ying has long focused on human exposure to environmental pollutants, source analysis, and environmental geochemical process research of organic pollutants. He is the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund and Guangdong Outstanding Youth. Due to work needs, the research group publicly recruits several postdoctoral fellows at home and abroad, and those who are outstanding can stay on campus; especially outstanding postdoctoral fellows, or postdoctoral fellows, will enter the school’s official scientific research and teaching position (one) after a year of inspection. 

1. Recruitment scope 

Open recruitment for domestic and overseas. 

2. Recruitment basic conditions and requirements 

1. Excellent postdoctoral or doctoral graduates from well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad. In principle, the age at the time of employment is under 35 years old, with environmental chemistry, toxicology, epidemiology, analytical chemistry, and molecular Biology and other related professional background; 

2. Participated in national-level projects (applicants from overseas are not required to do this); 

3. Have good English reading and writing skills, and publish SCI as the first/corresponding author in environmental related fields More than 2 papers; 

4. Full-time scientific research personnel, with a strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for scientific research, and independent scientific research capabilities; 

5. Main responsibilities: assist the research team in completing scientific research projects; guide graduate research work; independently apply for topics; 

6. Treatment: favorably. The annual salary of postdoctoral fellows can reach more than 360,000. Children can move with them to the affiliated school of Jilin University. 

3. Recruitment procedures and time arrangement 

1. Registration time: starting from today, post-doctoral positions are valid for a long time. Teachers are hired until suitable personnel are hired. 

2. Materials to be submitted: Candidates send job resumes, academic certificates, representative performance results and other relevant certification materials to in the form of e-mail, with the subject of the e- mail ” Post-doctorate-name-application materials” are named, and the application materials are kept confidential and will not be returned. Those who are suitable are invited for an interview.


Post-employment management The personnel recruited to the above-mentioned positions shall be managed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Trial Measures for the Management of Employment of Full-time Scientific Research Posts of Jinan University”. 

5. Other explanations 

Regarding recruitment conditions, recruitment procedures and post-employment management regulations, if there are adjustments to relevant national, local and school regulations and policies, the new regulations and policies shall be implemented.

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