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The latest recruitment of postdoctoral fellows, research assistants and scientific research secretaries for the medical and health research team of the First Affiliated Hospital of Southern University of Science and Technology

The First Affiliated Hospital of Southern University of Science and Technology (Shenzhen People’s Hospital) is the largest, most complete and earliest three A first-class general hospital, in 2017, it was selected as one of the first nine high-level hospital construction units in the “Dengfeng Plan” of Guangdong Province. At present, it is the only hospital in Shenzhen that is listed in the top 100 top hospitals in China;

it is now looking for several postdoctoral fellows, assistant researchers and scientific research secretaries, and the recruitment will be valid for a long time.

【Recruitment scope】Single-cell sequencing, spatial transcriptome sequencing, bioinformatics, organic synthesis, biomaterials, nanomaterials, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, viruses Science, genetics, immunology, cardiovascular pathophysiology, protein and metabolomics, imaging medicine, computer or artificial intelligence ai and other fields. 1. Recruitment requirements for

post-doctoral researchers (5~8) 1. Under the age of 35; 2. Obtained a doctorate within the past 3 years (including a doctoral degree within half a year); job benefits (except for the government subsidy of 180,000, the hospital starting salary 246,000, with a maximum of 376,000): 1. Postdoctoral remuneration implements a performance-based salary grading system, which is divided into three levels: a, b, and c (three years), c-level 210,000 yuan/year, b-level 240,000 yuan/year, a-level 340,000 yuan/year (before tax); housing subsidy of 30,000 yuan/month (before tax); 2. During the station period, those who pass the proposal report and mid-term assessment will enjoy a postdoctoral allowance of 180,000 yuan per person per year issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Government ( 3. In accordance with relevant regulations, enjoy the same social insurance, provident fund and other “four insurances and one housing fund” benefits for similar employees in the unit; 4. During the station, apply for all levels as the project leader 5. After completing the basic workload of the post-doctoral level, they can enjoy the hospital scientific research achievement award ;

2. Recruitment requirements for assistant researchers (7~10)
1. Obtaining a master’s degree in the past 3 years (including a master’s degree or above within six months)
Job benefits
1. According to hospital regulations, the monthly salary for a master’s degree starts at 10,000, and the monthly salary for a doctoral degree is 25,000 From then on, pay five insurances and one housing fund in accordance with the relevant regulations of the hospital.
2. Enjoy the hospital’s rewards for scientific research projects, works, papers, achievements, patents, etc. 3. Recruitment requirements for

scientific research secretary (1~2) 1. College degree or above, professional background including clinical medicine, biotechnology or quality management and other related majors. Job benefits Salary interview. 4. Application method Please send your resume to the email address: , Please indicate the title of the email: Assistant researcher/scientific secretary + personal name + graduate institution + university doctoral network.


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