Recruitment of Distinguished Associate Researcher for the Biomedical Big Data Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

1. Center Introduction

The Biomedical Big Data Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine was established in 2021, and will carry out innovative research in the fields of gene sequencing big data, medical informatics, medical imaging, clinical diagnosis and treatment service technology, and bioinformatics. And the transformation of results, explore new paths for scientific research on the organic integration of medicine, engineering, and science, explore the infinite possibilities of multidisciplinary crossover in the field of clinical medicine, and cultivate high-end talents with cross disciplines. Committed to starting from solving actual clinical medical problems, creating an efficient scientific research and service platform that is innovative, collaborative, and securely shared. Research direction: 1. Methods and applications of medical data science; 2. Data mining of clinical and health decision-making. The center has built a high-performance computing hardware platform with PB-level storage, which can support multi-directional medical big data and artificial intelligence scientific research. The center currently provides data storage and computing resource services, data scientific research services, and data resource services to the entire hospital. . The main purpose is to adapt to the three directions of hospital research and development: clinical sample database, medical big data and clinical research. The biomedical big data center undertakes the task of medical big data construction, and the center has a powerful supercomputing platform support. With about 6000 core computing power and about 10PB storage capacity, the center will be connected with the big data analysis of the hospital’s various departments (28 internal medicine + 26 surgery), and will have the ability to quickly analyze the whole genome, whole transcriptome, single cell, mass spectrometry stream The analysis conditions such as formula and microorganisms have sufficient first-hand data for research.
2. Recruitment Position
1. Under 38 years of age;
2. Doctors (including PhD students who are about to graduate) or postdoctoral fellows from well-known universities at home and abroad or leading universities with a research background in biology or bioinformatics;
3 、Have strong English reading and writing skills and scientific research ability, and have good professional quality;
4. Strong sense of responsibility, rigorous academic attitude, and good teamwork spirit;
5. Publish SCI papers in mainstream journals in the field as the first author More than 1 article.
Job benefits:
1. The annual salary is more than 300,000 yuan, and the specific benefits are determined based on the results of the expert interview and the evaluation of the papers.
2. Equipped with research assistants.
3. Enjoy the apartment (rental at a preferential price) or housing subsidies provided by the hospital.

3. Recruitment methods If you
are interested, please send an email to [email protected] . The subject of the email should be marked in the format of “Name_Apply for Distinguished Researcher” or “Name_Apply for Distinguished Associate Researcher”, and an interview notice will be issued after the preliminary review is passed. Application period: long-term effective, until the corresponding position is filled, application materials will be kept confidential.
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang


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