The National Institute of Industrial Technology (aist) is the largest research institution in Japan with more than 3,000 researchers and an annual budget of more than US$1 billion. Its research fields involve machinery, electronics, information, energy, materials, measurement, chemistry, life, and pharmaceuticals. Geology, resources and environment and other disciplines are Japan’s leading institutions in the field of industrial technology research and development. The Artificial Intelligence Research Center (airc) is one of the three national research bases established by the Japanese government to promote the next generation of artificial intelligence research. There are more than 200 researchers in various fields of computer science. The center has the 14th top 500 in the world. Computer abci ( ). I am now recruiting a postdoctoral fellow in the direction of ai and deep learning, as follows. 

Requirements: Have obtained or will obtain a doctorate degree in the near future, and have the experience of publishing excellent papers in the ai field. 
Research direction: integration of big data and ai for improving ai quality, which can be adjusted in ai-related fields according to personal intentions 
Cooperative tutor: kyoung-sook kim: , xin liu:
Research team: data platform research team:
Joint research team: Murata Research Office , Tokyo Institute of Technology , Kitagawa Research, University of Tsukuba room
Working language: English 
Work contract: The contract is renewed every year 
Salary: 2,200-2,500 yen per hour (annual salary of about 5-6 million yen) 
Benefits: Social insurance Join the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (the same treatment as Japanese civil servants, including 70% medical reimbursement, pension plan, etc.), additional full subsidy for transportation expenses, paid vacation system, and home work system during the new crown period. 
Other advantages: 
(a) There are Great chance to obtain permanent residence in Japan (you can apply for permanent residence one year after coming to Japan through the high-level human resources system, and once permanent residence is obtained, you can retain it for life even if you leave Japan in the future) 
(b) World-class research environment (using supercomputers) GPU computing resources, one of Japan’s three national ai research bases), sufficient research funding (encourage to travel around the world to participate in academic conferences), the internationalization of the research team does not require Japanese language, and the research is highly free (the tutor does not push) 
(c) Work location In Odaiba, Tokyo, with beautiful scenery and convenient life (easy for Chinese people), you can apply for dormitories for foreign researchers (single room 30 square meters, couple room 80 square meters, family room 100 square meters), which is only 300 meters away from the unit, and the cost is low 
(d) For Parenting families, children can enjoy the Japanese government’s childcare subsidy ( 

10,000-15,000 yen per month), free medical care, free kindergarten and other benefits. Interested parties can send their application intention and cv to xin.liu [at]

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