The Zhao Defeng research group of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences of Fudan University recruits 1-2 post-doctoral fellows in the field of atmospheric chemistry/atmospheric environment 
1. Introduction to the direction of the research group 
Zhao Defeng, a young researcher at Fudan University, doctoral supervisor, mainly engaged in atmospheric chemistry, aerosol physical chemical process and climate Research on environmental effects and atmospheric heterogeneous chemistry, currently focusing on the physical and chemical processes of organic aerosols and climate environmental effects. 
2. Work content: 
laboratory research and field observation on the formation, aging and fate of secondary organic aerosols; cloud formation activity and optical properties of aerosols; multiphase chemistry of aerosols; cloud, fog, precipitation chemistry and clouds Microphysics, etc. 
3. Recruitment requirements: 
(1) Obtain a doctorate degree in atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric environment, atmospheric physics, environmental science, analytical chemistry and other related fields; 
(2) Interest in atmospheric chemistry research; have a good experimental foundation (with Experience in mass spectrometry or aerosol measurement is preferred); work diligently and practically, have teamwork and exploratory spirit; have good scientific research training, have the ability to independently engage in scientific research; 
(3) have good English academic paper reading and writing skills, Published relevant high-level papers. 
4. Postdoctoral salary and benefits: 
provide personal benefits and benefits in accordance with Fudan University’s relevant regulations for postdoctoral students (including salary equivalent to similar institutions, Fudan University postdoctoral apartments, and enjoy the same benefits as Fudan University’s business establishment, such as children’s enrollment in nursery school, etc.) , Support the application of the national “Boxin Program”, “Introduction Program” and Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Fellow. The details are as follows: 
1) Resolve Shanghai Hukou 
2) Fudan University Super Postdoctoral: 260,000-280,000 cases per year, with a selection rate of 50%; ordinary post-doctoral cases from 180,000 to 200,000 cases. Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Program: 280,000-300,000 per year; National “Boxin Program” candidates: 400,000 annual salary, 200,000 research funding and 30,000 academic exchange funding; National “Introduction Program” candidates: 380,000-400,000 annually , And 200,000 research funds.
The research team will give appropriate subsidies based on the research progress and contributions; 
3) Provide excellent research conditions, stable support and career development support for the selected candidates; 
4) The school “takes postdoctoral fellows as an important source of other professional and technical teams for the school faculty one”. 
5. Application materials: 
applicants are invited to provide a resume, thesis title and abstract, a list of published thesis and the full text of 1-3 representative works, recommendation letters from two peer recommenders, and other relevant materials that can prove their ability and academic level. Send it to .

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