Recruitment notice of the College of Biology, Hunan University

The College of Biology consists of the Department of Biotechnology, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Undergraduate Experiment Center, Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Oncology, Institute of Plant and Microbiology, Institute of Pathogenic Biology and Genetics, Institute of Neuroscience, Institute of Tissue Engineering and Nanotechnology, and Research Center of Biological Information. The college has established two undergraduate disciplines of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering. The disciplines of Biology and Biomedical Engineering are authorized to confer M.Sc. degrees, and the discipline of Biology is authorized to confer Ph.D. degrees.

The college now has a faculty of 59, of whom 44 are full-time teachers,Of the full-time teachers, 1 is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 is selected in China’s Thousand Talents Program, 1 is included in the Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 1 is selected as Chang Jiang Young Scholar, 2 received theNational Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 received the National Excellent Youth Fund, 2 are selected in the National Million Talents Project, and 5 are supported by the Ministry of Education New Century Outstanding Talents Support Program. The college boasts for its National Demonstrative International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, Ministry of Education “111 Innovation and Intelligence Base”, and 2 key laboratories of Hunan province. A solid foundation has been laid in the fields of Molecular Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Immunology, Chemical Biology, and Biomedical Engineering, and the disciplines of Biology and Biochemistry rank 1% in ESI. Research projects in the college have received support from the Major National Basic Research Plan, National Science and Technology Major Project, Major International Cooperation Project, Major and Key Projects of National Science Foundation of China. Its research projects have also won many awards on the national and provincial levels.

It is our aim to build an open and research-oriented college, and to establish a distinctive life science discipline. We have established cooperation in teaching and research with many institutions, such as Central South University Xiang Ya Hospital, and Cancer Hospital, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Changsha Central Hospital. The college has a “Biomedical Research and Testing Platform”, and it provides access to advanced equipment such as transmission electron microscope, small animal CT-SPECT system,mass spectrometer, live cell imaging system, flow cytometer, FCFM, ultracentrifuge, and large cryogenicoperation room. Quality service and fully-equipped research platform makes it possible for the hired to start working immediately.

I. Fields and positions of recruitment

Fields of recruitment

Immunology, Virology, Genetics, Oncology, Bioinformatics, Neurobiology, Biomedical and Nanomedicine, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Plant Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biomedical Engineering, Zoology, and others.

Positions of recruitment

There will be about 110 positions available for domestic and international applicants from 2017 to 2020.

1. High-level personnel positions

2. Other positions: professor, associate professor and assistant professor.

II. Qualifications and Remuneration

Applicants should have the qualifications specified in relevant policies of the university.

Remuneration will be provided in accordance with relevant policies of the university. For scholars with outstanding educational background or research achievement, exact supporting conditions can be negotiated.

III. Contact

Ms Liu



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