Specific work location:
18-25 ten thousand yuan
Educational background and research direction:
PhD, Tribology; Film
Recruitment position:
Special Research Assistant
company name:
Qingdao Resource Chemistry and New Materials Research Center (Qingdao Research and Development Center, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
company website:
Contact information:

Recruitment notice for the synthetic lubricating material research group of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Technology (Qingdao Research and Development Center) 
Specific work location: Qingdao 
Recruitment quota: 3-5 people 
1. Research direction 
(1) Tribology; Bionic tribology; High-end grease; Lubricating oil 
(2) ) Thin film; carbon material 
(3) material surface and interface; marine corrosion 
2. Position and job content, salary 
Position: special research assistant 
Job content: full-time scientific research, daily team management. 
Recruitment positions are project recruitment positions. Contract management will be implemented during the recruitment period, and social insurance shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Technology for project recruitment.  
The salary level of the special research assistant of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is equivalent to the average salary level of the associate senior professional and technical personnel of the Institute (180,000-250,000), and the salary level can be increased for those who are particularly outstanding or have made outstanding innovation contributions or have achieved major results. Special research assistants can apply for the “Chinese Academy of Sciences Special Research Assistant Funding Project” (the Chinese Academy of Sciences will grant each candidate 600,000 yuan within two years, and the Institute will grant each candidate 200,000 yuan matching funding).   
3. Application requirements 
1. Graduated from a well-known university or research institution at home and abroad with a doctorate degree in materials and chemistry; 
2. Research experience in lubrication and friction is preferred; 
3. Some research results have been obtained in related or similar research fields; 
4 . Have good academic ethics, rigorous scientific attitude and teamwork spirit. 
4. Candidates are requested to provide the following materials: 
1. Resume; 
2. Representative papers; 
3. Other materials that can explain scientific research capabilities. 

5. Application procedures 
1. Send application materials to the designated mailbox;
2. Applicants who meet the requirements will be interviewed based on their merits. During the interview, the applicants can understand the scientific research situation of the research group; 
3. After the interview, they will be notified whether they agree to the appointment after approval. 

6. Contact information 
Contact person: Teacher Zhang 
Email address: 18237885950@163.com 
Telephone number: 18237885950; 19153223850

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