Qingdao University of Science and Technology Professor Wang Shuo’s team recruits teachers for post-doctoral research

The team of Professor Wang Shuo of Qingdao University of Science and Technology recruited two postdoctoral faculty members. This recruitment has been effective for a long time. The specific content is as follows:
Cooperative tutor:
Wang Shuo, professor and doctoral tutor of Qingdao University of Science and Technology.
1. Application requirements:
(1) Have a doctorate degree, have a good moral character, abide by the law, be in good health, and be under the age of 35;
(2) Obtain a doctorate degree generally not more than 3 years, and research background in tumor diagnosis-related disciplines is preferred ;
(3) the applicant to ensure that full-time postdoctoral research during the station;
(4) the ability to have independent scientific research, have good English reading and writing skills in English;
(5) published in international journals as the first author Research papers and obtain certain academic results in this field.
2. Employment period benefits:
1. During the post-doctorates stay at the station, they can enjoy the corresponding benefits of our school’s in-service staff. Salaries and insurance are paid in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state, provinces and cities and our school.
2. In accordance with relevant policy documents, enjoy various funding and subsidies for postdoctoral fellows in Qingdao. The Qingdao City subsidies include (the specific situation is implemented in accordance with the relevant Qingdao City policy documents):
(1) A living and housing subsidy of 60,000 yuan per person per year, calculated based on the actual number of months in the station, up to 24 months.
(2) After entering the station and undertaking applied research projects with innovative or entrepreneurial prospects, after expert review, they can apply for a one-off project start-up fund of 50,000 yuan.
(3) After leaving the station, stay young to work or start a business, and you can apply for a settlement subsidy of 250,000 yuan.
(4) After leaving the station, stay in the youth to start a business. After six months of actual operation of the founding enterprise, according to the scale and progress of the entrepreneurial project, 500,000 yuan, 1 million yuan, and 1.5 million yuan will be given respectively as entrepreneurial funding.
3. The scientific research results obtained during the post-doctorate’s stay in the station can be rewarded in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school.
4. After the post-doctorate is out of the station for the assessment, it is recommended to apply for the school’s lecturer, associate professor and professor position based on the individual’s accumulated performance. At the same time, it is recommended to apply for the Qingdao University of Science and Technology High-level Talent Program, and enjoy the rewards of Qingdao University of Science and Technology for high-level talents in terms of talent subsidies, housing subsidies and settlement subsidies based on personal accumulated performance. The specific conditions refer to Qingdao University of Science and Technology Management Measures for the Introduction of High-level Talents.
5. During the post-doctoral work period, the research team will actively support and encourage recruited personnel to apply for and preside over various scientific research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the “Post-doctoral Innovative Talent Support Program” and other various post-doctoral funds.
3. Job Responsibilities:
1. Independently carry out subject research, be good at communication and summary, organize data in time and write academic papers, and complete scientific research tasks efficiently.
2. Actively apply for and undertake post-doctoral funds and various domestic scientific research fund projects.
4. Applicants are requested to provide the following materials:
(1) Personal resume (including study resume, work resume, published papers, participating projects, etc.);
representative works or papers and other relevant materials that can prove their research ability and level.
5. Contact information:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected] , with the subject of the email indicating: applying for a certain position + my name.
Address: Qingdao University of Science and Technology, 53 Zhengzhou Road, Qingdao


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