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Qingdao University Cancer Institute-Recruitment Notice

Specific work location:
Qingdao, Shandong
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Qingdao University Cancer Research Institute Recruitment Notice

Qingdao University Cancer Research Institute is a secondary institute of Qingdao University and the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University. It is the first batch of innovation platforms for high-level talent teams in Qingdao. High-level talents at home and abroad have established cooperative relations with first-class scientific research platforms at home and abroad, such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and Tsinghua University. The research institute is located in the new R&D building of the main campus of Qingdao University. It has advanced equipment and a scientific research support system. It integrates academic and clinical resources and carries out work in the fields of tumor frontier theory and technological innovation. It is oriented to promote health and create social value. Build a well-known scientific research institution (for details, see the website,
Due to development needs, we are recruiting professors, lecturers, and postdoctoral fellows at all levels at home and abroad.

1. Recruitment direction
Basic tumor research, mainly including tumor metabolism and regulation, tumor immunity, tumor stem cells, tumor microenvironment, tumor genetics and epigenetics, and tumor intervention and treatment.
2. Recruitment positions
(1) Distinguished professors
1. Basic conditions: have relatively systematic research work in tumor-related fields, have achieved high-level research results, and have published research papers in world-class journals; good health, decent style of study, and rigorous scholarship.
2. Basic treatment:
(1) According to the specific situation, it can be divided into five levels of standards. The treatment range is as follows:
Qingdao University career establishment, annual income ranging from 300,000 to 1,000,000 yuan according to the level, plus scientific research awards; 300,000 to 4 million yuan of housing subsidies Yuan; scientific research start-up funds 15-5 million yuan. On a case-by-case basis.
(2) The selected high-level talents will enjoy the relevant treatment of various high-level talents according to regulations.
(2) Outstanding Youth (Lecturer)
1. Basic requirements: under the age of 35, with a doctorate degree in biology or medicine.
2. Basic treatment: Qingdao University career establishment, annual income of 250,000 yuan plus scientific research incentives; housing subsidy of 200,000 yuan; research start-up funds of 50,000 yuan. Those who perform well during the period can be promoted to associate professor or professor.
(3) Postdoctoral fellows
1. Basic conditions: under the age of 35, with a doctorate degree in biology or medicine;
2. Basic treatment: enjoy the entry treatment of national and local postdoctoral fellows, with an annual income of 180,000-350,000 yuan plus scientific research awards; according to specific circumstances, Discuss on a case by case basis. Postdoctoral fellows enjoy various national, provincial and municipal postdoctoral support programs and research awards from Qingdao University during their stay at the station. For postdoctoral fellows who go through employment procedures in Qingdao and settle in Qingdao within 6 months after leaving the station, Qingdao City will provide 250,000 yuan of resettlement subsidy.
3. Application materials
1. Resume (including academic qualifications, work experience, main achievements, contact information, and recent bareheaded photos);
2. Relevant certification materials (certificates of education, important achievements, awards, patents, hosting scientific research projects, etc.).
4. Contact application method
Please send your resume and relevant supporting materials to the mailbox of
Please indicate “Name + Position” in the subject.


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