Specific working location:
300 thousand yuan
Educational background and research direction:
Recruitment position:
Associate professor, lecturer
company name:
Shanghai University
company website:
Contact information:

Professor Yang Jian, Director of the Department of Materials Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University (formerly the chief researcher of Baosteel Central Research Institute, and the team leader of the steelmaking technology field of Baosteel’s “Golden Apple Project”) is forming a new steelmaking technology team, and an associate professor or lecturer is required 3-4 people, warmly welcome outstanding talents at home and abroad to join us. 

1. Main research directions and requirements of 
applicants The applicants should meet one of the following conditions. 
1) Research on new steelmaking process: post-doctoral experience in steel metallurgy or metal materials, proficiency in metallurgical physical chemistry, metallurgical process numerical simulation or other research methods of steel metallurgy, and relevant research experience. 
2) Inclusion control technology research: post-doctoral or above experience in steel metallurgy or metal materials, proficient in the research methods of inclusion control technology, and relevant research experience. 
3) Research on steel for high heat input welding: post-doctoral or above experience in metal materials or steel metallurgy, proficient in the research methods of metal material composition, structure and performance control, and relevant research experience. 
4) Continuous casting process and slab quality control technology research: have post-doctoral experience or above in steel metallurgy or metal materials, and be proficient in solidification theory, metallurgical process numerical simulation, continuous casting process technology or slab quality control technology and other research methods, and Have relevant research experience. 
5) Artificial intelligence metallurgy research: post-doctoral experience in iron and steel metallurgy, steel rolling or metal materials, proficient in the application of artificial intelligence research theories and methods, and metallurgical process technology related knowledge, and has big data on iron and steel metallurgy, steel rolling, or steel products Analysis and other related research experience. 

2. Job remuneration 
1) Annual salary of 300,000 yuan; 
2) Actively help to apply for national, Shanghai, and Shanghai university talent programs. 

3. Contact Information 
Yang Jian, 
Weichang Scholar First-Class Professor, 
Head of Materials Engineering Department
Head of the New Metallurgical Technology Strategic Innovation Team 
Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Metallurgy and Preparation of High-quality Special Steel Co-constructed by the Province and Ministry 
of Materials Science and Engineering School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University 

Mailing Address: Shanghai University Materials Science and Engineering, 333 Nanchen Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai Room 517, Rixin Building, College, Postcode: 200444 
Email: yang_jian@t.shu.edu.cn

4. Introduction of 
Professor Yang Jian Please refer to Professor Yang Jian’s homepage: https://mat.shu.edu.cn/info/ 1193 / 2292.htm

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