Due to the needs of scientific research, the research group of Professor Wang Haihui from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University will recruit 5-6 postdoctoral fellows in 2021. 

1. Mentor Profile 
Wang Haihui, long-term professor, doctoral supervisor, special-appointed professor of the Ministry of Education, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. The main research directions of the team include inorganic membrane and membrane separation, membrane catalysis and membrane reactor, new energy materials and devices. In recent years, he has presided over the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, general, Sino-German cooperation, and the Ministry of Science and Technology key research and development projects. He has won the second prize of National Natural Science (2015), the first prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education (2019), the first prize of Guangdong Natural Science (2014) and the Hou Debang Chemical Technology Innovation Award (2017). 28 authorized invention patents. More than 220 papers have been published in nature energy, science advance, nature communications, aiche journal, angwante chemie international edit, jacs, advanced materials and other academic journals, and the papers have been cited more than 16,400 times (google scholar, June 18, 2020), h factor: 67. Recruiting 

postdoctoral fellows in the following directions due to work needs: 
(1) New separation membranes based on new materials (such as mxene membranes, mof membranes, etc.); 
(2) Electrocatalytic conversion of small molecules, such as nitrogen reduction to ammonia (membrane reactor); 
(3) Lithium ion solid electrolyte membrane; 
(4) Oxygen permeable membrane; 
(5) Hydrogen permeable membrane. 

2. Application requirements and requirements: 
1. Applicants should meet the basic requirements for post-doctoral application of Tsinghua University; have obtained a doctorate degree, or who can successfully defend a doctorate degree in the near future; 
2. Academic background: have research experience in relevant research fields One author has published a high-level academic paper;
3. Love scientific research, have strong experiment and system analysis ability, outstanding teamwork and organization and coordination ability. 

3. Work treatment: 
in accordance with relevant regulations of Tsinghua University. The details include the following: 
1. Salary: 
According to the relevant policies of Tsinghua University postdoctoral management. In addition, the research team will provide additional subsidies based on work ability and performance. In addition, the research team actively supports and guides postdoctoral applicants and post-doctoral postdoctoral applications for various postdoctoral talent support programs: (1) If selected into the Tsinghua University “Shuimu Scholar” program, the annual salary is 250,000 to 300,000 yuan, and the housing subsidy is 12,000 yuan. /Year, and related property and heating subsidies; (2) If selected into the “Post-doctoral Innovative Talent Support Program” (referred to as the “Boxin Program”), 600,000 yuan will be funded for two years, of which 400,000 will be post-doctoral daily funding and 200,000 will be post-doctoral science Research fund; 3) If selected into the “Postdoctoral Fund Special Funding Program”, the annual salary is 180,000. 
2. Housing: You 
can rent a postdoctoral apartment at Tsinghua University, or enjoy school rental subsidies of 42,000 yuan per year. 
3. Children’s admission: 
Post-doctorate children can attend the kindergarten attached to Tsinghua University or the primary school attached to Tsinghua University. 
4. Hukou: 
During the station, the hukou can be moved to Beijing; after leaving the station, you can enjoy the post-doctoral hukou migration policy and the family hukou migration policy. 
5. Personal training plan: 
This research group will provide post-doctoral personnel with a personal professional ability improvement plan, which mainly includes: (1) Provide personal academic ability training and career development planning guidance; (2) Actively support and guide the application of post-doctoral science fund and foundation Youth Science Fund, Beijing related funds, etc.; (3) Actively support post-doctorate to participate in high-level academic conferences at home and abroad; (4) Actively recommend outstanding post-doctoral fellows to study in prestigious foreign universities; Participate in vocational skills training for teachers of Tsinghua University to further enhance self-professional ability. 

4. Application materials: 

interested applicants please send your detailed resume to cehhwang@tsinghua.edu.cn , we will respond to applicants who meet the requirements as soon as possible and arrange an interview.

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