Professor Tao Chen from the University of Science and Technology of China-Professor Jin Huile from Wenzhou University Recruitment of Joint Postdoctoral Training

Professor Tao Chen from the University of Science and Technology of China- Professor Jin Huile from Wenzhou University Recruitment for joint training of post-doctoral fellows

Work location:
University of Science and Technology of China or Wenzhou University (negotiable)
Salary: from 400,000 yuan per year
Educational background and research direction:
Recruitment of related majors in chemistry, physics or materials Position: Postdoctoral

This position is based on the research group of Professor Tao Chen from University of Science and Technology of China and Professor Jin Huile from Wenzhou University. The dual tutor system is adopted to jointly recruit postdoctoral fellows. We are now recruiting several postdoctoral fellows at home and abroad. The recruitment will last until full.

1. Recruitment direction:
1. Energy storage materials and devices;
2. Solar cell materials and devices;
3. Simulation, advanced characterization and preparation of energy materials such as inorganic semiconductors and oxides.

2. Job benefits:
1. The post-doctorate’s post-doctoral post-doctorate’s annual salary starts at 400,000 yuan for two years (renewable), including five insurances and one housing fund, and enjoys rental subsidies, meal supplements, free physical examination and other benefits;
2. The research team provides excellent Working environment and opportunities for domestic and foreign cooperation and exchanges, post-doctoral fellows can enjoy an annual academic exchange funding of 100,000 during the station;
3. Provide sufficient scientific research funding support, and assist post-doctoral fellows in applying for the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Anhui Province and Zhejiang Province 、Scientific research projects at all levels in Wenzhou City;
4. Post-doctoral students who stay in Wenzhou after leaving the station will directly receive a reward of 500,000 yuan (100,000 per year), and those with outstanding performance will be recommended to stay in school as a teacher.

3. Job requirements:
1. Have relevant research background, innovative spirit and independent problem-solving ability;
2. Publish high-level articles in English journals;
3. Be engaged in post-doctoral research.

4. Introduction of the instructor:
Chen Tao, professor and doctoral supervisor of University of Science and Technology of China; graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a PhD in 2010, worked as a research assistant professor in the Department of Physics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2011 to 2015, and was selected as a young person in the “Overseas High-level Talent Introduction Program” in 2015 Project” and joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the University of Science and Technology of China as a professor and doctoral supervisor. In the past ten years, he has been engaged in the research of solar cell materials and devices, and has carried out a series of work in the preparation methods of inorganic semiconductor materials, defect control, efficiency improvement, large-area device preparation, etc., to achieve the world record efficiency of selenium antimony sulfide solar cells, including Nature More than 110 papers have been published in journals such as Energy and Nature Communications. The research work has been reported by Nature Research, Nature Energy news & views, MaterialsViewsChina, Science and Technology Daily, People’s Daily Online, China Daily, etc. Presided over key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, national key research and development projects, etc. Invited to give more than 50 special reports/invited reports at international and domestic academic conferences and colleges in this professional field
Some representative papers:
[1] Nat. Commun., 2021, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-23592-0.
[2] Adv. Mater., 2021, 2006689.
[3] Energy Environ. Sci., 2021, 14, 359.
[4] Nat. Energy, 2020, 5, 587-595.
[5] Adv. Energy Mater., 2020, 2002341.
[6] Nat. Commun., 2019, 10, 4540.

Jin Huile, Ph.D., researcher, Ph.D supervisor, provincial “Ten Thousand Talents Program” young talent, Wenzhou high-level special support plan talent, deputy dean of the School of Chemical Materials of Wenzhou University, deputy director of the National Demonstration Base for Introducing Talents. Served as the managing editor of the international academic journal “Carbon Energy”, “Frontiers in Chemistry”, “Battery Energy”, etc. Dedicated to the basic research and industrial development of the design, synthesis, structural control and application of carbon-based nanostructure materials for energy conversion and storage; as the first author or corresponding author in J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem Int. Ed., Adv. Mater. and other journals have published more than 80 SCI papers, 5 of which were selected as ESI highly cited papers, more than 40 authorized Chinese invention patents, and 1 US patent. A number of research results have been reported by global technology media such as Material View, X-mol, etc., and have been invited to write review papers for Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Energy Mater. and Small. Organized and served as the vice chairman of international academic conferences for many times, and was invited to report more than 10 times at international and domestic conferences and universities.
Some representative papers:
[1] J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, 137, 7588.
[2] Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2019, 58, 2397.
[3] Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2020, 59, 7928.
[4] Adv. Energy Mater., 2018, 8(11), 1702695.
[5] Adv. Funct. Mater., 2020, 2009109.
[6] Adv. Mater., 2018 , 30, 1707424.

5. Contact information:
If you are interested, please send your detailed resume and planned earliest time to work directly to Mr. Chen Tao: [email protected] .


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