Professor Su Xinhui/Researcher Liu Nian from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine is looking for postdoctoral fellows and research assistants

Professor Su Xinhui/Researcher Liu Nian of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine is looking for postdoctoral and scientific research assistants

Specific work location:
annual salary
Education and research direction:
Molecular Imaging, Nanomedicine

Professor Su Xinhui is currently the director of the Nuclear Medicine Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, a doctoral supervisor, a distinguished expert clinical teacher for talent introduction of Zhejiang University, and a high-level talent in Zhejiang Province. He has won the Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award many times, presided over a number of national and provincial projects, and published more than 60 articles. Focus on the development and biological application of molecular imaging probes (nuclear medicine, optics). See for details about the lab .
Dr. Liu Nian, a Distinguished Researcher of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, conducted the biological application of photoacoustic molecular imaging technology at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, during his doctoral and postdoctoral period. At present, it is mainly aimed at clinical problems such as difficult early diagnosis and ineffective treatment of malignant tumours and inflammatory diseases, functionally designing new organic or inorganic nanomaterials, making full use of their own superior imaging properties (optics, acoustics and radiology) to realize in vivo disease accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. In the past five years, he has participated in a number of EU projects and has published more than 20 papers in SCI journals, including 15 papers as the first author and corresponding author.
1. Requirements for postdoctoral recruitment
(1) Obtain a doctorate degree from a domestic or foreign university or research institute within the past 3 years, generally under the age of 35;
(2) Have good academic performance and scientific research potential, during the Ph. One author should publish academic papers; research backgrounds in organic chemistry, optical imaging, nuclear medicine imaging, nanobiological probes, biology, etc. are preferred
; Morality and academic ethics.
2. Post-doctoral benefits
(1) The hospital provides excellent experimental platform and scientific research environment for post-doctoral fellows;
(2) Provides generous salary (290,000 yuan), and there are performance rewards according to performance;
(3) Supports the application of relevant post-doctoral talent support programs or Other fund projects;
(4) Can apply for renting apartment for teachers of Zhejiang University;
(5) Postdoctoral fellows who perform well during the station can be given priority to work in the hospital.
3. Requirements for the recruitment of scientific research assistants: We sincerely invite scientific research assistants with relevant backgrounds in organic chemistry, materials, biology, etc. to join the team, and mainly assist in the completion of scientific research assistance/experimental work under the guidance of the person in charge. Those with basic experience in cell animal operation are preferred, and those with a master’s degree are preferred. The annual salary after tax is 100,000-150,000.
4. Application materials and contact information
1. Personal resume (including study, work, scientific research experience, main research work and representative papers, etc.);
2. Applicants please send materials to . The title of the email should indicate “Postdoctoral/Research Assistant Application-Name”.


Dr AF Saeed

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