A postdoctoral position in Prof. Hyun-Suk Jung’s group at Sungkyunkwan University is available now. We are searching for an enthusiastic and 
dedicated postdoc with passion for scientific discovery in the area of ​​perovskite solar cells. 

The candidate is expected to have 

-excellent verbal/ written and communication skills 

-background in perovskite solar cell but not simply solar cell 

-experience in materials synthesis, characterization and fabrication of perovskite, silicon, organic and other semiconductor-based devices 

-strong motivation to get new skills and ideas to tackle the important scientific questions 

-have Ph.D degree majored in Chemistry, Physics and Material Science 

Applications should be sent to Prof. Hyun-Suk Jung (hsjung1@skku.edu ) at Sungkyunkwan University. More information about 
Prof. Hyun-Suk Jung’s group can be found from the website: http://eenl.skku.edu/sub02/01.php

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