Introduction to the research team and supervisors The 
BMI Center for Biomass Materials and Nanointerfaces (BMI Center for Biomass Materials and Nanointerfaces) is a highly interdisciplinary research team. The team aims to transform and utilize high-value biomass resources, construct new bio-based functional materials, and explore basic scientific issues such as material microstructure, interface behavior, and bio-nano interaction. The main research directions mainly involve the research and engineering application of advanced materials of “metal polyphenol network MPNs”, the transformation and utilization of skin collagen biomass, and the research and application development of frontier science of biomass interface. Committed to basic and engineering research in frontier fields such as environmental science and engineering and advanced biomedical engineering. The team relies on the national “Double First Class” key disciplines of Sichuan University to build a top domestic scientific research platform, with rich scientific research resources and top scientific research facilities. The team encourages international cooperation, interdisciplinary, cross-field exchanges, and advanced technology transformation. See related sites BMI:

“Here wisdom and innovation here flying, research fun and enjoy the beauty of science, to be your Tim bunch!” 

Faculty Profile
Guo Junling, PhD in Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne, Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, National Distinguished Young Expert, Sichuan University “Double Hundred Talents” overseas high-level distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor. He once worked in the top Wyss Bionic Engineering Research Center of Harvard University in the United States, and obtained a Ph.D. from the research group of Professor Frank Caruso, an internationally renowned material chemist at the University of Melbourne (academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Australian Academy of Sciences, and academicians of the Australian Academy of Engineering). During Harvard University, he conducted research in the research group of Professor Samir Mitragotri (academician of the American Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Medicine). Professor Junling Guo has a wide international reputation in the fields of MPN and plant polyphenol chemistry and materials. In recent years, the first or corresponding author of the related research of the research group has been in Science “Science”, Nature Nanotechnology “Nature Nanotechnology”, Energy & Environmental Sciences Published in top international journals such as “Energy and Environmental Science”, Angewandte Chemie, “German Applied Chemistry”, and was reported by many internationally renowned news media, including Eurek!, Harvard Gazette, Chemviews Magazine,, Voice of Germany, etc., At the same time, a number of breakthrough studies have also been rated as major research in the field by F1000, and have been selected as special topics and research hotspots by top journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Biotechnology, and Nano Today. 

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Recruitment positions and recruitment requirements 
Position: 2 research assistants (master’s degree and above). 

Recruitment requirements: Have scientific research enthusiasm and teamwork spirit; have material chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, biomedicine and other related professional backgrounds.

Job treatment: accumulate high-level management experience; experience the research atmosphere of multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary background; carry out high-level research and publish high-impact papers; competitive salary; strong university working environment and atmosphere. 

Team advantage 
1. The team has a strong scientific research atmosphere, an international operation method, and a warm team culture. 

2. The team has advanced scientific research facilities that can perform complex synthesis and characterization of various materials. At the same time, the team has a PC2-level laboratory supervision and management mechanism to fully realize the smooth progress of mammalian and bacterial cell culture, synthetic biology and other related work. 

3. The team has established stable and in-depth cooperative relationships with famous research institutions and universities in the United States, Australia, Finland, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and recommends excellent team members to Harvard University, MIT, University of Melbourne, University of Tokyo and other world-class universities every year University study exchange. 

Contact information 
Please send your resume and other relevant information to Professor Guo Junling, with the subject of the email: postdoctoral/direct PhD/undergraduate + name + graduation school After the primary election is passed, the candidate will be notified by email to attend the interview. 
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