Postdoctoral Research Associate in Behavioural Ecology Grade 7
Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences
£34,805 pa
04-Jan-2021 23:30
This post is part of an NSF-NERC integrating individual personality differences in the evolutionary ecology of a seabird in the rapidly changing polar environment. The grant is a collaboration between the University of Liverpool, UK (Samantha Patrick) and Woods Hole Institute of Oceanography, USA (Stephanie Jenouvrier), in combination with project partners at CNRS, France.Current research has demonstrated that individuals differ in their life history traits, population dynamics or distribution in response to climate variability and human disturbance. Individual personality and behavioural plasticity are likely to mediate these responses, but to date few studies have integrated these traits into demographic models. This project will focus on understanding the link between phenotypic plasticity in foraging effort and personality by modelling individual foraging behaviour and plasticity in relation to personality, and assess the heritability of these traits, using one of the longest foraging data sets in the world on wandering albatrosses. The post doc will work closely with one PhD student and one post doc on the grant, whose focus will be on integrating these measures into demographic models of life history strategies and population response to predict climate change scenarios.You should have a relevant PhD in biological sciences, preferably behaviour or evolutionary ecology with a strong background in individual level analyses, general linear mixed modelling, movement modelling, managing large data sets and a proven track-record for publishing research in high quality peer-reviewed literature. You must be able to work as part of a close collaborative team.We envisage this post to be largely data analysis with one (or more) paper (s) focussing on these novel data.Applications should include a CV and cover letter explaining how you have relevant experience to this post. The post is available from 11 January 2020 until 31 March 2023.Closing date 4 January 21


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