Postdoctoral Recruitment of the Future Electronics Research Office of Hangzhou International Science and Technology Center, Zhejiang University (long-term effective)

Recruitment direction:
1. Research on synthetic preparation and transportation of two-dimensional materials;
2. Design, processing and application development of new logic and storage devices;
3. Neuromorphic sensing and computing devices.

Application requirements:
1. Have a doctorate degree
in microelectronics, optoelectronics, optics, physics, materials and other disciplines; 2. Have independent experience in high-level scientific research in the above fields and publish high-impact papers as the first author;
3. Have Good sense of teamwork and independent working ability.

1. In principle, the pre-tax annual salary is more than 350,000 yuan (including local government talent subsidies);
2. Post-doctorate workers who stay in the science and innovation center after leaving the station can enjoy Hangzhou and Xiaoshan government talent subsidies;
3. Participate The Science and Technology Innovation Center can obtain additional funding or subsidies for major research projects and achieve significant results;
4. Provide first-class experimental and scientific research conditions;
5. The school provides apartments, five social insurance and one housing fund and other benefits.

Research group introduction:
Dr. Xiaowei Wang is a researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Science and Technology Innovation Hundred Talents Program of Zhejiang University. In 2015, he obtained his Ph.D. degree from the National Nanoscience Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and then joined the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University as postdoctoral and senior postdoctoral researcher. In October 2021, he joined the School of Micro-Nano Electronics, Zhejiang University and the Institute of Future Science of Hangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Center. The main research directions include quantum transport of low-dimensional systems (electromagnetic transport of two-dimensional ferromagnetism and superconductivity and their heterojunctions) and post-molar electronic devices (low-power information devices based on polarized materials, neuromorphic devices) , Spintronic devices and flexible devices, etc.). So far, 23 collaborative papers have been published, of which 8 are the first author or co-authored papers, including Nature communications (2), Nano Letters (2), Small, etc. The research results are included by Nature Materials, Nature Electronics, PRL, etc. A variety of journals and monographs cited and media reports. It has applied for 10 patents, of which 2 international patents and 4 Chinese patents have been authorized.

Application materials and application methods:
1. Resume (including basic personal information, education and work experience, published papers, honorary awards, etc.);
2. Full text of representative works or papers.
For those who meet the recruitment requirements and are interested, please send the above materials to [email protected] and indicate post-doctoral application.


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