1. Recruitment requirements 
1. Obtain (or will soon obtain) a doctorate degree in materials science, materials physics and chemistry, physics or related majors. 
2. A background in optics, thermal, electromagnetics, or first-principles calculations, or 3D printing research experience, or other similar to the current research direction of the research group is preferred (it is sufficient to have one). 
3. Excellent in character and learning, healthy in mind and body, under 32 years old (inclusive). 
4. Published first author research papers in international journals. 

2. Salary 
1. The research and experimental conditions of the research group are superior. 
2. Remuneration shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Shanghai Jiaotong University Postdoctoral Mobile Station (http://postd.sjtu.edu.cn/index.htm) . 
3. Support the application of “Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program”, Shanghai “Super Postdoctoral” and other talent projects. The research team has received funding for postdoctoral fellows. Before entering the station, you can apply for the “Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program” and “Super Postdoctoral” pre-station funding. Relying on the platform of the State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites, it is more helpful to obtain funding. 
(1) Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program (February) 
(2) Shanghai “Super Postdoctoral” Incentive Program (August-September) 
4. Full-time postdoctoral research during the station, excellent scientific research results during the postdoctoral research work, satisfy me Principals who are required to hire a teaching track can be directly hired for a long-term teaching track after passing the assessment. 
5. In accordance with the Shanghai Postdoctoral Management Policy, the children can go to the kindergarten or affiliated elementary school of Jiaotong University. 

3. Material provision 
1. Resume (including learning experience, publication of papers, participation in projects, etc.). 
2. Representative works or papers and other relevant materials that can prove my research ability and level (3 in total). 

4. Contact
Recruitment is valid regularly , please send the application materials to zy_wang@sjtu.edu.cn

5. Introduction of cooperating tutors 
Fan Tongxiang, distinguished professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, National Special Support Ten Thousand Talents Program, Science and Technology Innovation Leader, National He is the deputy director of the National Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composite Materials and the Hundred Thousand Thousand Talent Project. Mainly engaged in functional metal matrix composite materials, thermal control coatings, intelligent metamaterials and superstructures. He has successively won the Second Prize of National Natural Science Award, the First Prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award, Leading Talents of Science and Technology Innovation in the Ten Thousand Thousand Talents Program of the Organization Department of the Central Organization Department, the National Hundred Thousand Thousand Talents Project, and the first batch of New Century Excellent Talents Funding Program of the Ministry of Education. He has published more than 100 papers in professional journals such as prog. mater. sci., adv. mater., adv. funct. mater., energy environ. sci., chem. mater., acta mater.

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