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Postdoctoral Recruitment Information of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications China Jobs 2022

Postdoctoral Recruitment Information of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications China Jobs 2022

1. Introduction to Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications High-level teaching and research university.

The school has 16 colleges with more than 25,000 students, including more than 4,200 doctoral and master students; 3 Chongqing “double first-class” disciplines, 14 Chongqing key disciplines, 2 post-doctoral research mobile stations, and 4 Post-doctoral scientific research workstations, 2 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 18 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, approved by the Ministry of Education, have the qualification to recommend undergraduates to study for graduate students without exams. It has 56 undergraduate majors, including 7 national-level first-class majors, 5 national-level characteristic majors, 5 national-level outstanding engineer implementation majors, 16 Chongqing characteristic majors, and 5 Chongqing big data intelligence majors, covering Engineering, science, economics, management, culture, art, law, teaching and other disciplines. The school’s engineering disciplines and computer science disciplines enter the top 1% of ESI’s global rankings.

2. Postdoctoral Recruitment Information

Conditions and Salary

■Postdoctoral Category
1. Full-time postdoctoral staff is full-time on-site staff, and the personnel file relationship must be transferred to our school.
2. The in-service post-doctorate is a full-time staff member who will not be transferred to our school with the approval of the incumbent’s personnel file relationship.
3. Faculty post-doctorate is a faculty reserve staff recruited by the organic combination of the school’s faculty construction and post-doctorate training, and the personnel file relationship must be transferred to our school.
4. Enterprise postdoctoral fellows are full-time staff members recruited and trained by the off-campus enterprise postdoctoral workstation and the school mobile station.

■Recruitment conditions
1. Firm political stance, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the party’s educational policy, and adhere to the socialist school orientation; strictly abide by national laws and regulations, have good professional ethics; be practical, diligent, healthy, and have strong academics Scientific research, teamwork and communication skills.
2. The doctoral degree is generally not more than 3 years, or the recent graduates who can successfully complete the defense of the doctoral dissertation and obtain the doctoral degree; should be under 35 years old.
3. Be able to guarantee full-time and full-time post-doctoral research work during the station.
4. Teachers and post-doctoral students should have strong language expression skills and classroom teaching skills, and meet the school’s full-time teacher recruitment plan and conditions for the year. Focus on recruiting outstanding doctoral graduates from first-class universities and high-level scientific research institutions at home and abroad.

■On-site treatment
1. Full-time post-doctoral and faculty post-doctoral agreed wages shall not be less than 250,000 yuan/year, and apply for renting a post-doctoral apartment or school to provide accommodation subsidies of 1,500 yuan/month according to regulations. Teachers’ post-doctoral fellows will provide an additional 50,000 yuan/year post-doctoral allowance for teachers, which will be paid monthly during the station.
2. The agreed salary of in-service postdoctoral fellows is not less than 100,000 yuan/year, and the school provides accommodation subsidies of 1,000 yuan/month.
3. The school purchases social insurance and housing provident fund based on 16-level salary, 9-level post salary and corresponding performance salary theoretical value as the base for full-time postdoctoral and faculty postdoctoral.
4. The scientific research results obtained in the name of our school during the station will be rewarded according to the school’s “one matter, one discussion” high-level talent assessment and incentive standard.

3. Contact and registration methods
■Unit: Personnel Office/Postdoctoral Management Office of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
■Address: No.2 Chongwen Road, Nan’an District, Chongqing Postcode: 400065
■Tel: +86-23-62461388
E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]
Email subject format: postdoctoral + position-degree-name-school-major + overseas doctoral network
■ Contact: Teacher Yao
■ Personnel Office website:
■School website:


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