Specific work location:
Energy and Environment Building, Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University, Xili University Town, Nanshan, Shenzhen
Annual salary above 300,000
Educational background and research direction:
Recruitment position:
company name:
Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School
company website:
Contact information:
Associate Professor Tao Yitao.yi@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn

1. Research direction: 
1) Carry out the preventive control technology research of bloom algae growth and the synthesis of phycotoxin/olfactory substances, and in-depth study of the mechanism of algal cell growth inhibition and apoptosis induction at the cell, macromolecule, and gene level (Recruitment 1 name). 
2) Develop algae membrane bioreactor technology, and conduct in-depth research on the regulation of algae and bacteria symbiosis and its removal effect and strengthening mechanism on carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals, and emerging pollutants (recruit 1 person). 
2. Work content 
1) As a backbone, participate in the research of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, key research and development plans, water special projects and other projects. 
2) Writing high-level academic papers and applying for invention patents, and writing project applications. 
3) Assist and guide master or doctoral students in related fields. 
2. Application requirements: 
1) Those who have obtained a doctorate degree in well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad (within three years of doctoral graduation), under 35 years old 
2) Environmental microbiology, environmental science and engineering, microbiology, ecology, algae, chemistry/chemical engineering and other related majors. 
3) Have the ability to independently carry out scientific research, good English grammar, writing, expression and communication skills. 
4) Teamwork spirit and good academic ethics and rigorous scientific attitude. 
5) Published more than one SCI paper as the first author, and can independently carry out scientific research. 
3. Postdoctoral benefits: 
1) Refer to the Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University and Shenzhen to enjoy salary and housing benefits. 
2) Those who pass the post-doctoral title and mid-term assessment can enjoy a full annual living allowance of 180,000 yuan from the Shenzhen government (after tax, a total of 360,000 in two years) in addition to the normal salary of the school. 
3) During the station, you can apply for national, provincial, and municipal scientific research projects in accordance with relevant regulations. 
4) For those who stay in deep work after leaving the station, those who meet the requirements can apply for 300,000 yuan in research funding for stay in deep research.
5) Those who meet the relevant talent requirements can apply for recognition as Shenzhen’s high-level professional leading talents or peacock talents, and apply for relevant subsidies for talents of different levels (1.6 million, 2 million and 3 million). 
Application materials 1) Application application, including personal wishes, job vision, and expected goals. 
2) A detailed personal resume, including study and work experience, main academic work content, and a list of main papers. 
3) Other documents that prove the applicant’s work and study. 
5. Contact information and application procedures 
Cooperative tutor: Associate Professor Tao Yi, tao.yi@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn
Personnel Office: Teacher Zhao 0755-26036133   hr@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn
After preliminary screening, an interview is required. and the need for a half-hour lecture (including the main research content during and after Dr. Bo work envisaged in the future) 

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