Due to the needs of scientific research, the research group of Associate Professor Li Huan of the Institute of Environment and Ecology, Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School recruited 1 post-doctoral researcher, mainly to carry out organic waste treatment research. 

1. Research direction 
(1) Catalytic oxidation of organic residues and nitrogen recovery 
(2) Biomass fuel cell system 
(3) Domestic waste management system analysis 
2. Job responsibilities 
(1) Aiming at the international frontier and carrying out related research work 
(2) Publish high-quality academic papers 
(3) Assist to undertake other project work of the research group and laboratory management work 
(4) Actively 
apply for post-doctoral science fund, National Natural Science Foundation and other projects 3. Application requirements 
(1) Have environment, chemistry, chemical industry, materials Related professional background, obtain a doctorate degree before entering the station; 
(2) Can independently carry out scientific research, with project application experience is preferred; 
(3) Have good English skills, and have published more than 2 high-quality academic papers as the first author ; 
(4) health, proactive, have team spirit, right attitude research. 
4. The remuneration 
refer to “Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University postdoctoral management approach” and the relevant personnel regulations for Shenzhen postdoctoral annual salary of about 300,000 yuan (salary + Talent subsidies). After leaving the station, those who meet the conditions can apply for high-level talents and peacock talents of the Shenzhen government and enjoy relevant policy treatments. 
Application materials (1) Application: my wishes, post-doctoral work ideas, expected goals, etc.; 
(2) Applicant’s resume: basic information, teaching background, work experience, interests, etc., and nearby photos; 
(3) Academic achievements Introduction: Including the work of doctoral dissertation, the list of papers, the status of awards and the scientific research projects completed.

Please send the application materials as an attachment to the co-supervising teacher Li Huan li.huan@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn , the subject of the email is “Postdoctoral Application-Name”. Those who pass the preliminary examination will be notified of the interview (for those who are not hired, the materials will not be returned). Interview candidates need to provide: original and photocopy of academic qualifications, degree certificates; expert recommendation letters and other relevant materials that can prove their ability and level.

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