Professor Wei Hongjiang from the School of Biomedical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University is looking for 4-5 post-doctoral researchers in signal, image processing, artificial intelligence and magnetic resonance imaging at home and abroad to engage in the research and development of intelligent magnetic resonance imaging technology and clinical transformation. 

Introduction to the research group: 
Dr. Wei Hongjiang, long-term associate professor, doctoral supervisor, Ph.D. in France, post-doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley. In the past five years, he has published more than 40 papers in top academic journals such as Neuroimage, IEEE TMI, and Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Including 2016 MRM Highly Cited Papers, MRM Editor-in-Chief Highlight Articles, etc. Has long been engaged in the research of magnetic resonance imaging algorithms. Mainly focus on combining image reconstruction algorithms and artificial intelligence to achieve precise high-resolution quantitative brain imaging and clinical applications. The current experimental platform of the research group is 9.4T Bruker Animal MR scanner, 3T&7T human MR scanner, and supercomputer platform. The equipment research group has established good cooperative relations with many top hospitals at home and abroad. 

1. Application requirements 
1. Image processing, signal processing, computer, artificial intelligence related background; 
2. Strong interest and executive ability in brain science and brain imaging research; 
3. Under 35 years old. 

2. Job Responsibilities 
1. Engage in scientific research in image processing, artificial intelligence, etc., complete the publication of high-level papers or apply for national invention patents; 
2. Assist tutors to undertake corresponding academic research and postgraduate training. 

3. Job treatment 
1. Competitive salary (250,000-400,000), enjoy post-doctoral apartment treatment. For details, please refer to the relevant regulations of Shanghai Jiaotong University’s postdoctoral management ( ); the selected postdoctoral fellows will be recommended to apply for Shanghai “Super Postdoctoral” programs.
2. The expectation for postdoctoral fellows is to have 3-5 years of training to enable them to have independent PI ability and to apply for faculty positions in Shanghai Jiaotong University first. 
3. Those with outstanding ability can be jointly trained with UC Berkeley or go to the United States for further study. 

Interested parties please send your resume and the contact information of the two referees (one is a doctoral supervisor) via email to Mr. Wei, , and please indicate “postdoctoral application” in the subject .

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