Associate Professor Li Yongbo, Department of Structural Engineering, School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University ( ), selected by the Chinese Society of Mechanics for Discipline Excellence, China Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Program, Northwestern Polytechnical University “Soaring Star , Harbin Institute of Technology “Alumni Blog”, etc. Research interests include: artificial intelligence, signal processing and fault diagnosis, pattern recognition and application, dynamic modeling and vibration control, etc., serving as a guest editor of sci journals “entropy” and “advances in mechanical engineering” magazines; “sensors” academic edit. A total of more than 50 papers have been published, including 31 sci papers by the first author\corresponding author, including the international authoritative sci journal ieee transactions on industrial electronics, mechanical systems and signal processing, ieee transactions on industrial informatics, journal of sound and vibration, etc., Contains 7 esi highly cited papers and 1 esi hotspot paper. Now openly recruiting postdoctoral fellows at home and abroad. 

1. Job requirements: 

(1) Research direction: artificial intelligence, signal processing and fault diagnosis, dynamic modeling, pattern recognition and application, vibration control and other related research directions. 
(2) Under 35 years old, have (or will soon) obtain a doctorate degree; 
(3) Have relevant research background in mechanics, mechanics, data processing, etc.; 
(4) Published in mainstream journals in related fields as the first author in the past 5 years Academic papers; 
(5) Have the ability to independently engage in scientific research, have a strong scientific research interest and sense of responsibility, a good team spirit and a positive attitude towards life. 

2. Job benefits 

1. Salary includes the following parts:

a) The basic salary is 120,000-160,000/year, and the school rewards performance (up to 80,000 yuan/year) 
b) Shaanxi Province provides postdoctoral living allowance of 30,000 yuan/year; 
c) College year-end performance reward; 
d) Research group A certain amount of start-up funds will be allocated for travel and special equipment purchases. 

2. The postdoctoral fellows can enjoy the following benefits during their stay at the station: 

a) Medical care, insurance, and provident fund; 
b) Provide a single apartment or housing subsidy (24,000 yuan/year) 
c) Arrange for children to attend kindergartens and elementary schools affiliated to West University of Technology; 
3 , The research team provides good scientific research conditions, encourages and assists post-doctoral researchers to apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, etc.; those with excellent grades can stay in corresponding teaching and research positions at West University. When those with outstanding research work leave the station, the research team actively recommends to the United States, Europe, Canada and other cooperative professor teams to continue their studies. 

3. How to apply: If you 

are interested, please send your resume, representative papers, and other relevant materials that reflect your scientific research ability and level to: , and the subject of the email should indicate “Postdoctoral Application-xxx” . The interview will be notified after the primary election. Commit to strictly confidential all materials received. 

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