Specific work location:
Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province
200,000~400,000 + subsidy + allowance
Educational background and research direction:
PhD; Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry, etc.
Recruitment position:
Full-time postdoctoral fellow, research assistant
company name:
Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences
company website:
Contact information:
lqyin@iue.ac.cn; 0592-6190531

1. Introduction to the research group 
The atmospheric environment research team of the Institute of Urban Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has long been facing the current situation of regional air pollution in China, based on the rapid urbanization of the southeast coast and the East Asian monsoon affected areas, and in-depth study of the main sources, transmission channels and the air pollution of the southeast coastal city cluster Key influencing factors, reveal the key chemical and meteorological conditions of the atmospheric compound pollution, clarify important scientific issues such as the generation and dissipation mechanism of the atmospheric compound pollution in the land-sea confluence zone, and have achieved a series of innovative research results. 
The research team built a multi-parameter and high-time-resolution atmospheric environment observation super station. Through the three-dimensional, real-time ground-based observation station, the comprehensive use of monitoring principles based on chemistry, optics, mass spectroscopy, and satellite remote sensing and other technical means, and the integration of weather The situational multi-source data system realizes multi-parameter, multi-dimensional and multi-level collaborative observation of the air pollution process in the study area. The super station has more than 40 sets of various observation equipment, including chemical ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (LTOF-CIMS), aerosol chemical composition mass spectrometer (ACSM), particulate matter water-soluble ion monitor, sounding radar and other scientific research equipment conditions , Which strongly supports research in the frontier fields of atmospheric environmental science. 
The research team is also actively applying the research results to the needs of regional and local environmental air quality improvement and improvement, especially the need for the construction of Fujian’s “ecological province” and the national ecological civilization experimental zone, for more than 10 places in Fujian Province and southern Jiangxi. The city provides technical support of “one city, one policy”, which improves the accuracy and pertinence of air pollution prevention and control in Fujian and surrounding areas, and provides intellectual support for winning the battle against the blue sky. The research team is also an important technical support force for air quality assurance during the 2017 BRICS Summit in Xiamen. 
2. Job requirements 
Full-time postdoctoral fellows in atmospheric environmental sciences, under the age of 35, generally no more than 3 years after graduation. 
1. Have a solid professional background and scientific research experience in the field of regional air pollution research. 
2. Proficiency in atmospheric environmental chemical analysis skills or data analysis and processing capabilities. 
3. Familiar with the operation and management of the atmospheric super station (optional, if there is a better option). 
4. Published high-level SCI papers as the first author, published at least 3 SCI papers, and at least one article in a district.
3. Job 
Salary 1. Full-time postdoctoral fellows who are included in the management of special research assistant positions will be paid according to the Institute’s “Postdoctoral Work Management Measures”. The annual salary of elite postdoctoral students can reach 200,000-400,000. 
2. Projects that are included in the management of special research assistant positions are employed to hire employees, and their remuneration is based on the average level of the Institute’s sub-high, and the annual salary is not less than 200,000. 
3. Special research assistants with outstanding innovation potential and scientific research performance will receive additional allowances. 
4. Special research assistants who joined in the current year can apply for the “Chinese Academy of Sciences Special Research Assistant Funding Project” of the current year. Project winners can receive a grant of 600,000 yuan from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which will be distributed in 2 years. During the project implementation period, you can enjoy project allowances again. 
4. Application materials 
1. Personal resume: basic information, education, work experience, participation in projects and achievements during the doctoral period, etc. 
2. Introduction to PhD thesis and 2 representative theses. 
3. Work plan for postdoctoral positions. 
V. Contact information 
1. Research group contact person: Teacher Yin Liqian, lqyin@iue.ac.cn , phone: 0592-6190531 
2. Personnel Office contact person: Teacher Que/Mr Fang, zhaopin@iue.ac.cn , phone: 592-6190966/6190969 
3. Contact address: Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1799 Jimei Avenue, Xiamen (Postal Code: 361021) 
4. Download the relevant application registration form from the following link: http://www.iue.cas.cn/ztbd/xzzq/rsjy/ 

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