Position Description

DOMINION provides an intimate engagement of syntheses and characterisation for a wide range of layered iron-based chalcogenide compounds. The successful candidate will study the fundamental physics of iron-based chalcogenide magnets and superconductors, made up of functional molecular components with nanoscale dimensions. For this, user-facility photon and neutron science labs will be utilized to generate key insights on how structure and spontaneous magnetic transitions influence the superconducting electron pairing. Knowledge of correlated-electron physics/materials and physical crystallography, including diffraction experiments and data analysis strategies, will be invaluable for this innovative research project.

The challenges set out here will be tackled through a cross-disciplinary, collaborative initiative between European (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, Greece & Warsaw University of Technology, Poland) and US DOE scientists (Brookhaven National Lab, NY & National High Magnetic Field Lab, FL). A comprehensive range of research activities, engaging young researchers (PhD and post-doc levels) with senior scientists, is organized to facilitate a resource-sharing culture and tackle open questions.

Host Lab: Quantum Materials & Magnetism Laboratory (https://www.iesl.forth.gr/en/research/magnetic-materials)

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Related Project

DOMINION – Deciphering the workings of molecule intercalated iron chalcogenides

Required Qualifications

• PhD degree in Physical Sciences
• Demonstrated ability in quantitative structural analysis methods (e.g. Rietveld analysis)
• Proved experience in analytical experimental techniques, including, magnetometry and X-ray diffraction
• Excellent knowledge of the English language

Greek male candidates must have fulfilled their military obligations

Desirable Qualifications

  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals and scientific presentations in conferences
  • MSc degree in experimental condensed matter physics materials science will be an advantage
  • Programming skills for data acquisition and reduction will be beneficial
  • Successful candidates must be able to work in an interdisciplinary environment

Application Procedure

In order to be considered, the application must include:
• Application Form (please download file from the link to the left)
• A cover letter describing your research interests
• CV and publications list
• Two (2) reference letters, e-mailed directly to lappas@iesl.forth.gr and cc to hr@iesl.forth.gr
• Scanned copies of the ready available academic titles

Applications received before January 3, 2021 will receive immediate attention; however, applications will be reviewed thereafter until the position is filled. Videoconference interviews will be offered to shortlisted candidates.

Appointment Duration

12 months

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