Req#: R3695Position Information: Position Title:Postdoc Researcher- Engineering Appointment Type:Post Doc/Trainee : Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Synthesize CO2 reduction catalysts based on supported metallic nanoparticles with Pd, Bi 
as active sites 
2) Investigate CO2RR performance in H-type cell and flow cells. 
3) Perform structural, electrocatalytic, and product analysis studies 
4) Integrate catalysts with electrochemical flow cells made by project partners 
5) Paired electrolysis with CO2RR and glycerol oxidation reaction Required Minimum Qualifications:

Ph.D in chemical engineering, chemistry, or other close relevant areas. Preferred Qualifications:

Candidates should have relevant research experiences in metallic catalyst synthesis and characterizations, flow cell / flow battery design and test, CO2 reduction/adsorption, catalytic reaction/product analysis, primary technoeconomic analysis (TEA), with track-record on publishing papers and writing reports. Department/Program & College Description:

The postdoc researcher will be affiliated to Chemical & Biological Engineering Department at College of Engineering of Iowa State University. Proposed Start Date: January 1, 2021 Proposed End Date or Length of Term: December 31, 2021Number of Months Employed Per Year:12 Month Work Period Time Type: Full time Pay Grade: Post Docs Application Instructions:

To apply for this position, please click on “Apply” and complete the Employment Application. Please be prepared to enter or attach the following:

1) Resume/Curriculum Vitae

2) Letter of Application/Cover Letter

3) Contact Information for Three References

The candidate selected for hire may be requested to provide documentation to verify highest degree completed. 


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