Title of research project: Frontiers in public sector economics and building automated geo-referenced databases (econfront)

Description of the research activity: By shaping preferences, beliefs and norms, identity influences people’s choices. Identity can become salient when under threat. South Tyrol’s history offers an interesting testing ground. First, the project aims to develop measures of perceived threat to identity. Second, it will test responses using various indicators including voting behaviour and willingness to contribute to public goods. The study may include German speaking individuals from Tyrol, Austria. Additional research activities in the context of other research projects on similar topics may be defined in due course with the mutual agreement between research assistant and supervisor. If the supervision of this activity taking place within another project is done in detail by a different professor/researcher, the main supervisor has to explicitly countersign the part of the report regarding the activity on additional research projects. Work: Building a database, possibly field experiments on the ground, co-authoring a paper.

Supervisor: Prof. Alexander Moradi – https://alexandermoradi.org/

Place of work: Bolzano – Bozen

The gross annual remuneration: 28.600 Euro

Duration of the contract: 12 months

Expected start of contract: 1st March 2021

Minimum curricular requirements necessary in order to carry out the research with details of the scientific and professional profile required for the research activity:

  • Master (MSc or MA) (or final degree following the study conditions valid before the M.D. 509/99) or equivalent foreign study title in the following or a neighboring field: Economics
  • Research methods and capabilities/abilities
  • Experience with quantitative and/or qualitative research methods as documented in the curriculum vitae (e.g. education, certificates, reports and publications, participation to projects).
  • Competences in the following field: Applied Econometrics
  • Software skills: experience with the following software for research: R, Stata, QGIS or similar

Preferential title: PhD or equivalent foreign study title in the following or a neighboring field: Economics

Type of selection: based on qualifications and oral exam

Oral exam:

Languages of the oral exam: German and/or English

Duration of the oral exam (minutes): 30

The exam will be on:

  • candidate’s previous research experience and careers; candidate’s scientific and professional experience with respect to the subjects connected to the research project of the call; candidate’s knowledge of research methods connected to the research project of the call.
  • Knowledge of the following languages of the oral examination: German and/or English

Deadline for sending applications and publications: 22nd December 2020 at 12:00 PM (noon)

The entire call in English, German and Italian and further information are available on the following website: https://www.unibz.it/en/home/position-calls/positions-for-academic-staff/4938-economics-prof-moradi?group=18

The application has to be done online: https://unibz.elixforms.it/rwe2/module_preview.jsp?MODULE_TAG=ValutazioneAR_20_1330&ELANG=en

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