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Postdoc Recruitment Notice School of Ecology Guangdong University of Technology China 2022

Postdoc Recruitment Notice School of Ecology Guangdong University of Technology China 2022

The research group of Professor Tan Qian, a National Outstanding Youth of the School of Eco-Environment and Resources and the Institute of Environmental and Ecological Engineering of Guangdong University of Technology, plans to recruit post-doctoral researchers with professional backgrounds in such disciplines as environment, water conservancy, ecology, statistics, computer, management, remote sensing and geographic information. For those who are outstanding, they can be considered through training and absorption, and priority will be given to those who are excellent in the green channel introduction and exit assessment as specially-appointed associate professors or professors. This recruitment information is valid for a long time and the number of places is not limited.

1. Introduction to the unit
Guangdong University of Technology is located in Guangzhou, the central city of the country and the flower city. In 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked 35-50 universities in mainland China, the USNews 2021 World University Engineering Rankings ranked 39th in mainland China and 166th in the world.
The environmental discipline of Guangdong University of Technology has a post-doctoral station for environmental science and engineering, a first-level doctoral program and a master’s program for environmental science and engineering, and a national-level first-class undergraduate professional construction site for environmental engineering and environmental ecological engineering. In 2021, the environmental science and engineering discipline will enter the top 10% of China’s rankings of Soft Science China, and the Times Higher Education China discipline rating will be A; The engineering discipline ESI ranks among the top 0.1% in the world.
The School of Ecological Environment and Resources and the Institute of Environmental and Ecological Engineering was founded by Professor Yang Zhifeng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and serves as the honorary dean. The college has established a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education for urban environmental safety and green development in the Greater Bay Area, a key laboratory of water environment management and water ecological restoration in Guangdong Province, a joint laboratory of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao pollutant exposure and health, and the Southern Ocean Science and Engineering Guangdong Provincial and ministerial-level platforms such as Provincial Laboratory (Guangzhou) and Guangdong Provincial Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Collaborative Engineering Technology Research Center. The college has first-class teachers covering multi-disciplinary professional backgrounds, and has the advantage of carrying out cutting-edge cross-research. In the past three years, the college has been approved for more than 50 national-level projects/subjects including the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National Excellent Youth Fund, the National Key Fund, and the National Key R&D Projects, and more than 90 provincial and ministerial-level projects/subjects such as key R&D projects in Guangdong Province. The average annual funding rate of the National Natural Science Foundation of China is greater than 42%. During the postdoctoral period in the station, 51% were approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 76% were approved by the provincial and ministerial level projects, and 2 people were funded by the Boxin Program. The college has formed a talent training system for undergraduates, masters, doctorates and postdoctoral fellows. It has long-term and close cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions, and has great advantages in international exchanges and personnel training.

2. Cooperative mentor
Tan Qian, professor, doctoral supervisor, dean of the School of Eco-Environment and Resources, Guangdong University of Technology, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, and the Youth Project of the Overseas High-level Talent Program of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Doctor of Engineering, University of Regina, Canada , Canadian registered professional engineer. He is currently the Chief Editor of SCI journals and Associate Editor of SCI top journals. Mainly around the water-energy-food relationship, river basin system governance and planning, water resources and environmental system analysis and other directions. Presided over or participated in the completion of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key R&D Program, the National Science and Technology Research Program, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Guangdong Provincial Key Field R&D Program, the United Nations Development Program, the Global Environment Fund, the National Natural Science and Engineering Foundation of Canada, and the Commonwealth of Canada. Research projects funded by the Ministry of Environment, etc., including 4 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 100 academic papers in top journals in the first area of ​​SCI. He has won 2 provincial and ministerial first prizes, the highest award of the Canadian Federation of University Women, the International Award of the American Federation of University Women, and the Best Paper Award of the Academic Annual Conference of the Western Branch of the American Hydraulic Association. The postdoctoral fellows under his guidance have been approved by the National Youth Fund, the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and the General Fund of Guangdong Province.
The main research projects of the cooperative mentors recently:
1. National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, “Water-Energy-Food Link”, project leader;
2. Guangdong Province R&D Program in Key Fields, “Greater Bay Area Water System Ecological Environment Improvement and Collaboration” Research on Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction”, the project leader;
3. The sub-project of the Guangdong Provincial Major Talent Project Introducing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team Project, “Wetland System Comprehensive Evaluation and Health Diagnosis”, the sub-project leader.

3. Recruitment direction
It is planned to recruit a number of postdoctoral fellows with scientific research backgrounds in the fields of environment, water conservancy, ecology, statistics, computer, management, remote sensing and geographic information, and young talents with scientific research experience related to the content of the cooperative tutor’s research project are preferred.

4. Job Responsibilities, Application Conditions and Benefits
Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist or independently formulate research plans, complete research projects, write research papers, etc.;
2. Assist in the construction and daily management of the research group, assist and guide doctoral and master students to carry out scientific research;
3. Complete other tasks arranged by the team and the college.
Application conditions:
1. Enthusiasm for scientific research, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, independent thinking and problem-solving ability, good scientific ethics and rigorous scientific attitude;
2. In principle, the age of the applicant is Under the age of 35, the time for obtaining a doctoral degree should not exceed 3 years;
3. Be able to enter the station full-time;
4. Have a good scientific research level and innovation potential (meet one of the following conditions):
1) In the past five years, the first / The corresponding author has published 2 or more SCI papers in related disciplines;
2) In the past five years, he has published 1 or more TOP journals/highly cited/hot papers in related disciplines as the first/corresponding author;
3) Presided over provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects / Project 1 or above;
4) Recommended by well-known experts at home and abroad, and recognized by the academic committee as outstanding academic research ability.

1. The basic annual salary is not less than 330,000 yuan/year, and one person is negotiable. In addition, applications for various post-doctoral talent projects (such as the introduction of overseas young post-doctors in Guangdong Province, etc.) are encouraged and supported, and the funding for talent projects can be superimposed on the regular basic annual salary.
2. Scientific research awards: The high-level scientific research achievements (papers, patents, projects, etc.) obtained during the station will be rewarded according to the relevant scientific research incentive methods of the school.
3. Project performance: Participate in scientific research consulting or service projects and issue performance according to workload.
4. Other benefits:
1) Social insurance: The school pays social insurance and housing provident fund for postdoctoral fellows in the station according to regulations.
2) Housing: During the station, the school will arrange to live in a post-doctoral apartment and provide rent subsidies;
3) Professional title: Employed as an “associate professor”, and can apply for the title during the station;
4) Retention policy: Those with excellent grades in the outbound assessment can apply for the introduction of high-level talents according to the school’s “Youth Hundred Talents Program” or “Hundred Talents Program”, and priority will be given to the green channel under the same conditions.

5. Application materials
1. Personal resume (including basic information and contact information, education and work background, list of achievements, main scientific research experience and brief introduction to academic achievements, etc.);
2. Doctoral degree certificate (to be provided by recent doctoral graduates who have not yet obtained a degree certificate
3. Full text of 1 to 5 representative works;
4. Personal vision and research plan for postdoctoral work (no less than 1,000 words); 5. Other proofs
of personal scientific research ability and academic horizontal material.

6. Application process
Please send the application materials to the contact person’s mailbox, and the application materials will be kept confidential. Please indicate “Postdoctoral Candidate + Graduate School + My Name” in the subject of the email. According to the individual application, qualification review, offline or online interview and other links, the selection will be based on the best.
Contact email: Contact person : Mr.

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