No. of Position(s)


Research area

  • Materials Science
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Energy Science


Consultation according to career


Daegu, South Korea


Prof. Jiwoong Yang


Ph.D. in the relevant Field


  • Publications
  • Field relevant Experience

Responsibilities/Job Description

  • Synthesis of colloidal nanomaterials (eg Semiconductor nanocrystal Quantum dots, nanocrystals Metal)
  • Characterization of nanomaterials (TEM, in-situ TEM, Spectroscopy)
  • Device applications of semiconductor nanocrystals (QD-solar cells, QLEDs)
  • Application of nanomaterials for electrocatalysis (HER, OER, ORR…)

How to Apply?

Email submission

Documents required

CV or Self-Introduction letter

About NanoMaterials Laboratory

Jiwoong Yang Group @DGIST is interested in the design and synthesis of novel inorganic nanomaterials for energy & electronic applications. Nanomaterials offer unique properties that can not be achieved by their bulk counterparts. Nanotechnology will provide key contributions for the next-generation energy & electronic applications.​ To achieve our goals, we are using multidisciplinary approaches with state-of-the-art characterization methods including liquid-phase TEM and optical & X-ray spectroscopy. We like to interact with scientists who have creative mind and we are open to collaboration and discussion.

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