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Machine Learning and Generative Design for Advanced Manufacturing in Mass Customization

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Tsz Ho Kwok

Program description

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is the new trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. One major characteristic of I4.0 strategy is the strong customization of products under the conditions of highly flexible production, enabling mass customization. Custom product offers inherent advantages over their mass-produced counterparts, as they can provide more comfort, unique and aesthetic appeal, and/or better performance. However, the design for custom product is a very difficult task, and it is still unknown that what kind of system or interface is needed to fully utilize the capability of I4.0 so to meet the constantly varying and unpredictable changes in mass customization. Current Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system requires complex operations with high cognitive load, and lack support for structural optimization to improve the design based on performance and user intentions. The objective of this research program is to apply deep learning into the development of generative design methodologies to account for design changes for each individual’s need in mass customization.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Mechanical, Computer Science or related fields with experiences in Machine Learning and Design.

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants must not currently hold a postdoctoral appointment at Concordia
  • Priority will be given to postdoctoral fellows who have obtained their PhD from another university although in exceptional cases Concordia graduates may be considered
  • Applicants must adhere to the postdoctoral fellow eligibility criteria outlined inConcordia University’s Postdoctoral Policy

Timeline and application process

The Postdoctoral Fellow must start his/her appointment by July 1, 2020.

Submission process

  • All documents must be submitted to Niyusha Samadi.
  • Please include the reference number with your application

Application checklist

  • One to three (1-3) page research statement demonstrating fit with the program described above.
  • Current curriculum vitae demonstrating research excellence and a capacity for leadership in the domain (maximum 5 pages).
  • Two letters of reference from academic supervisors or current employers to be sent via e-mail directly to Niyusha Samadi.


The prestigious Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowships are valued at $47,500 per year plus benefits and full access to Concordia’s services, including GradProSkills.

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