Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University, Shenzhen algae new energy technology development and application engineering laboratory 
jobs cyanobacteria environmental biotechnology research postdoctoral 
One, job recruitment name and number: 
Postdoctoral a (PhD is applicable), in the direction of microalgae biotechnology Research 
2. Job Responsibilities: 
1. Guiding the development of scientific research projects 
2. Microalgae cultivation on experimental scale and pilot scale 
3. Cyanobacteria genetic engineering research 
4. Experimental data analysis and processing 
5. Writing research reports, academic papers and assisting in applying for scientific research projects 
3. Application requirements: 
1. Ph.D. degree personnel in biology, chemistry, environment or related disciplines; 
2. With the following requirements (1) cyanobacteria or microalgae cultivation experience (2) genetic engineering research experience, especially experience in analyzing omics data Those who can give priority. 
3. Candidates should have strong written and oral communication skills in English, proficient in computer use, and have good communication and collaboration skills. 
4. Candidates should be under 35 years of age. 
Salary and salary shall be implemented in accordance with the standards of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School . In addition, the outstanding personnel will receive a living allowance of 180,000 yuan per person per year for postdoctoral fellows in Shenzhen (a total of 360,000 yuan in two years). 
5. Entry time In 
2021, you can start as soon as possible according to the applicant’s time. 
6. Contact information For those 
who meet the requirements of the recruitment position and are interested, please send the application materials (resume and cover letter) to Maurycy Daroch email: m.daroch@pkusz
contact information: 18664313435
Seven, the deadline for 
hiring long-term effective, full member of the stop job 

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