Specific working location:
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, 334 Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Educational background and research direction:
Optoelectronic nanomaterials and catalysis
Recruitment position:
Associate Professor, Lecturer
company name:
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
company website:
Contact information:

Lian Zichao, Distinguished Professor (Oriental Scholar), Pujiang Talent, PhD graduated from Kyoto University (Japan, top 50 in the world) in 2018, under the tutelage of Professor Toshiharu Teranishi, Associate Editor of Chemical Science. Later, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Chemistry, Kyoto University, Japan, and was awarded the honorary title of Special Researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (jsps). Joined the Faculty of Science, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in 2020. His main research areas: synthetic inorganic chemistry and spectroscopy research: photocatalytic solar energy conversion and environmental purification research. Mainly in the design of photocatalysts and the study of photo-generated carrier dynamics applied to photocatalysis or photocatalytic water splitting to produce hydrogen and environmental purification. So far, he has published more than 10 sci papers as the first author or corresponding author, including nat. commun., j. am. chem. soc., acs nano, appl. catal. b-environ. etc. The papers have been cited nearly 800 times. 2 papers are esi papers; 3 are authorized patents. 

The research group ( https://www.x-mol.com/groups/lian_zichao ) sincerely welcomes postdoctoral fellows and lecturers with backgrounds in photochemistry, catalysis, inorganic chemistry, nanomaterials, solid physics, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, theoretical calculation, etc. , Associate professors and other researchers. 
Applicants need to meet the following requirements: 
      1) Have a doctorate or fresh graduate in chemistry, materials science or similar fields. 
      2) Good written and oral communication skills in English. . 
      3) Applicants must have the following research experience: 
          a. Synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials (quantum dots and nanocrystals) 
          b. Photocatalytic or photocatalytic hydrogen production and environmental purification background are preferred. 
          c. Dynamic analysis of transient absorption spectroscopy, thin film solar cells and other backgrounds are preferred. 
Specific instructions: 
1. Obtain a doctorate degree; generally not more than 35 years old; 
2. Have published 3 sci papers as the first author in the above-mentioned fields, among which the equivalent papers such as jacs and angew. chem. int. ed are preferred; particularly excellent ones The requirements can be relaxed appropriately; 
3. The term of Hujiang postdoctoral fellows is generally 2-3 years, which can be extended according to the situation of the subject; in addition, those with outstanding performance on the station can compete for positions such as school associate professors. 
4. The research team has established a cooperative relationship with Japan’s internationally renowned research team throughout the year, and will actively assist in participating in overseas visits. 

Interested parties please submit your resume and representative papers to Teacher Lian ( zichaolian@usst.edu.cn ). This recruitment is long-term effective. 

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