National Nanoscience Center is looking for a high-paying special research assistant (postdoctoral) in artificial photosynthesis

The National Nanoscience Center is looking for a high-paying special research assistant (postdoctoral) in artificial photosynthesis. The

National Nanoscience Center is a fully funded public institution jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and has independent legal personality. It is positioned on the basis and application of nanoscience. basic research. According to work needs, Wang Bin’s research group plans to recruit 1-2 special research assistants (postdoctoral).

1. Recruitment direction
Microbial coupling photocatalysis and related direction/artificial photosynthesis and device direction.
2. Recruitment conditions:
Have a doctorate degree in physics, chemistry, materials or microbiology, environment, etc. Love scientific research work, have a sense of responsibility and the spirit of bearing hardships and stand hard work. Articles related to the above recruitment directions have been published.
3. Salary
and benefits Salaries and benefits are implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the National Nanoscience Center.
Special research assistants are divided into two grades, A and B, with a pre-tax annual salary of 500,000 for category A and 300,000 before tax for category B. They will be fully paid upon entry without any additional conditions. The general requirements for category A require the publication of articles with good professional and high relevance, and category B mainly focuses on the degree of directional fit. For details, please contact Teacher Wang by email for negotiation.
Please refer to the webpage for specific benefits and details: http://www.nanoctr.cas.cn/zszp2017/202003/t20200319_5517403.html.
4. How to apply.
Intended applicants should send their resumes or relevant materials that can reflect their personal abilities to [email protected],[email protected]. The subject of the
email and application materials should indicate: China Excellent Talent Network + Name + School + education + major
(required to submit the resume in the above format is the effective delivery of the resume)

5. Contact information
Mailing address: National Nanoscience Center (100190), No. 11, Zhongguancun North Road, Haidian District, Beijing; Tel: 010-82545870.


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