he Nanostructured Functional Materials Research Group of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, 

Peking University recruits outstanding talents. The School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University has first-class teaching, scientific research conditions and platforms. The Nanostructured Functional Materials Research Group is affiliated to the Beijing National Research Center for Molecular Sciences and Molecular Dynamics and The State Key Laboratory of Steady Structure will strive to provide candidates with good scientific research working conditions and treatment, and look forward to the participation of outstanding young and middle-aged talents at home and abroad. Please refer to the website for the introduction of the research group: http://www.chem.pku.edu.cn/wangy/ 

Recruitment position: 1 distinguished associate researcher, 1 postdoctoral fellow, and 1 engineer. Application 
1. Special associate researcher Application requirements: 
position For introduction and requirements, please refer to the website introduction: https://www.chem.pku.edu.cn/zpxx/117506.htm 
1) Have a good academic ethics and professionalism, with a doctorate degree; 
2) In catalytic chemistry and catalytic materials , Materials, physical chemistry and other fields have made more outstanding research results; 
3) Under 45 years of age; 
4) Salary: The annual salary before tax is about 300,000 yuan. 

2. Requirements for post-doctoral candidates: 
1) Have a good academic ethics and professionalism, and have a doctorate degree; 
2) Have a solid professional foundation in experimental or theoretical research in catalytic chemistry, and have achieved good research results. Priority will be given to those who have some research experience in CO2 catalytic conversion or electrochemical catalysis; 
3) Comply with the relevant regulations of Peking University post-doctoral management (including the age of no more than 35 years old and no more than 3 years of doctoral graduation); 
4) Entry date : 2020~2021. 
5) Salary and benefits: According to the standard of postdoctoral remuneration of Peking University. 

3. Requirements for engineers:
1) Have good moral character and professional spirit; 
2) Have rich R&D experience and achieved certain achievements in the preparation and performance research of electrocatalytic membrane electrodes. 
3) Salary and welfare treatment: Provide competitive treatment 

Contact information: Please send your resume and research results catalog to Teacher Zhang (zyr2011@pku.edu.cn, gfhjdg3@126.com) by e-mail. 
Please indicate “name + job title + China Talent Network” in the title; mailing address: School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, 100871. 
Deadline: long-term effective.

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