Nankai University Rare Earth and Inorganic Functional Materials Research Center

Nankai University Rare Earth and Inorganic Functional Materials Research Center recruits an assistant researcher (teacher postdoctoral fellow) and associate researcher

Nankai University Rare Earth and Inorganic Functional Materials Research Center were established on April 12, 2018, and Professor Yan Chunhua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the first director of the center ( The laboratory has been upgraded to the Tianjin Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Materials and Applications ( ) horizontal research platform. Due to the need for scientific research projects, several assistant researchers (postdoctoral teachers) and associate researchers are now openly recruited at home and abroad.
1. The applicant’s research background (the following backgrounds can be considered):
rare earth chemistry; rare earth nanomaterials; advanced energy and catalytic materials; nanomaterial
; Completion of doctoral dissertation defense or doctoral graduation within three years;
2. Should have good professional ethics and professionalism, have the necessary qualities and accomplishments to become a university teacher, and have the development potential to become a full-time school teacher;
3. Be able to be clear and organized 4. Passionate
about research work, first-class conduct, sense of responsibility, courage to take responsibility, strong ability to work independently, and willingness to accept challenges. In the face of pressure and difficulties, one can calmly and actively face, carry forward the spirit of teamwork, keenly identify problems, take positive actions, and promote the problem to be solved quickly.
3. Recruitment procedure
1. Applicants should submit their resume, dissertation, representative scientific research paper, the effective contact information of two experts (telephone or E-mail, one of them is required to be a doctoral supervisor), and other relevant materials that can prove their ability and academic level. Email to: ; . It is named after “[Research Assistant Recruitment] Name + School + My Major”.
2. Further communication through E-mail or telephone to identify candidates.
3. Inform me to attend the interview.
4. Those who pass the interview will go to the designated hospital for physical examination, and those who pass the physical examination will be hired.
4. Salary of Assistant Researcher
1. The basic salary starts from 200,000 yuan/year, and the maximum can reach 300,000 yuan/year.
2. The Tianjin Municipal Government will provide a one-time settlement fee of 50,000 yuan and an additional 200,000 yuan subsidy for talents who work in Tianjin after leaving the station. The scientific research results obtained by postdoctoral fellows during their stay in the station can enjoy the same additional rewards given by Nankai University as the formal teachers.
3. The staff employed for the post of assistant researcher are equivalent to the career staff of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and the daily management work is carried out by the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Nankai University and the Research Center of Rare Earth and Inorganic Functional Materials.
4. Personnel employed in the post of assistant researcher enjoy the various benefits of the school’s career establishment teachers and solve the problem of children’s enrolling in kindergarten (Nankai University Affiliated Kindergarten) and enrolling (Nankai University Affiliated Primary School).
5. Contact information
E-mail: ;
Nankai University Rare Earth and Inorganic Functional Materials Research Center


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