Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University-Postdoctoral Recruitment of the Outstanding Team China Jobs 2022

Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University-Postdoctoral Recruitment of the Jieqing Team China Jobs 2022
(Chemical materials/biomedical related majors are acceptable, long-term effective)

1. Introduction to the research group supervisor
Zheng Lei, doctor of medicine, professor, doctoral supervisor, post-doctoral supervisor. Winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, Distinguished Professor of Pearl River Scholars, Leading Medical Talent of Guangdong Province, Director of Laboratory Laboratory of Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, Director of Engineering Research Center of Biosensing Technology for Rapid Diagnosis of Major Diseases of Guangdong Province, International Association of Extracellular Vesicles ( ISEV) Executive Chairman, Member of the Standing Committee of the Laboratory Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Extracellular Vesicles (CSEV), Chairman of the Laboratory Physicians Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association, etc.

Zhang Jing, Ph.D. in chemistry, professor, doctoral supervisor, post-doctoral co-supervisor, high-level talents introduced by Southern Medical University. From August 2017 to February 2021, he was engaged in post-doctoral research at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, under the tutelage of Academician Tang Benzhong (the pioneer and leader of AIE). The main research direction is the development of new luminescent materials and biomedical application research.

Research direction:
1. Design and development of new luminescent materials;
2. Synthesis and application of biomaterials (tumor diagnosis and treatment and detection/treatment of pathogenic microorganisms);
3. Application research of functional nanomaterials in vitro diagnosis;
4. Tumor “liquid biopsy” (Circulating rare cells, extracellular vesicles, free nucleic acids) The clinical application, physiopathological mechanism and detection technology of new biomarkers;
5. The development and clinical application of markers for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases such as tumors, coronary heart disease, and infections.

2. Application requirements (requirements)
1. A background in organic synthesis, luminescent materials, biology, or medicine is acceptable, and an interdisciplinary research background is preferred.
2. Has obtained a doctorate degree in chemistry, materials, biology, or medicine, or is close to completing a doctorate degree.

3. Specific treatment
1. 500,000-750,000 (pre-tax) living allowances for two years, which can be negotiated face to face;
2. The supporting funds for scientific research are 50,000-200,000;
3. Enjoy the dual scientific research performance rewards of Southern Medical University and Southern Hospital;
4. During the station period, you can apply for post-doctoral apartments or provide rental subsidies
according to the regulations ; 5. Purchase five social insurances and one housing fund in accordance with national regulations , Provide medical security, and enjoy hospital union benefits; for
more details, please refer to the link:

4. How to apply:
applicants submit their resumes and representatives Send the electronic files of the research results to the contacts, and the recruitment will be effective for a long time.
Contact: Zhang Jing
-mail: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]
send the message header must state: post – Education – Name – Schools – Professional


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