Postdoc & PhD positions available:

            Laboratory for Temporal Logic,
          directed by Kristin Yvonne Rozier

        Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA

Multiple fully-funded PhD positions and Postdoc positions are available 
in the Lab for Temporal Logic, which spans the Departments of Computer 
Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, 
Mathematics, and the Virtual Reality Application Center. Application 
links are below.

About the Lab:
The Laboratory for Temporal Logic focuses on foundational advances to 
formal methods that carry through to really fly. The lab has developed 
techniques to enable better system specification and model-checking 
algorithms that scale to verify large, complex systems including NASA's 
automated air traffic control system and industrial verification 
problems at IBM. The lab's R2U2 verification engine is the only 
flight-certifiable RV tool capable of embedding in tight spaces 
post-deployment for real-time anomaly detection and mitigation 
triggering. R2U2 has flown on UAS, checked ATC ground stations, launched 
on rockets and small satellites, and embedded into NASA's Robonaut2 
humanoid robot on-board the International Space Station.

See a news article about the lab's recent projects here:

See award abstracts for NSF grants funding the research here:
Symbolic Model Checking:
Specification and Runtime Verification:

Postdoc Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:
Candidate(s) will conduct world-class research in the area of formal 
methods, including design-time and/or runtime verification. Topics 
include defining new specification logic variants, formal requirements 
elicitation, proving algorithmic complexity and correctness, formal 
modeling, and algorithmic advances contributing to industrial-shaped 
instances of symbolic model checking, proving properties of runtime 
verification, and assuring development and operation of autonomous 
systems. Candidate is expected to contribute his/her own research ideas 
and collaborate with the laboratory to conduct independent research. 
Teaching and/or research-in-education opportunities are available if the 
candidate desires, but not required.

Program & College Description:
The postdoc(s) and PhD students will have offices in Howe Hall, a $50 
million state-of-the-art teaching and research complex including a 
Virtual Reality Application Center ( The College of 
Engineering consists of 8 departments, with 250+ faculty members and 
annual research expenditures exceeding $88 million. ISU hosts a booming 
formal methods community, including many large research groups and 
prominent researchers working in various areas of formal verification 
across three departments: computer science, aerospace engineering, and 
electrical and computer engineering.

About Iowa State University and the Ames Community:
Iowa State University is classified as a Carnegie Foundation 
Doctoral/Research University-Extensive, a member of the Association of 
American Universities (AAU), and ranked by U.S. News and World Report as 
one of the top public universities in the nation. Over 36,000 students 
are enrolled, and served by over 6,200 faculty and staff (see Ames, Iowa is a progressive community of 60,000, 
located approximately 30 minutes north of Des Moines, and recently voted 
the best college town in the nation (see<>). Ames, Iowa has a legendary 
standing as a great place to live, regularly topping lists for e.g., 
opportunities for work-life balance, green living, and great 
infrastructure for cycling.

Postdoc Application Instructions:
To apply for this position, please:
* send an email to Dr. Kristin Yvonne Rozier (kyrozier at and 
attaching a detailed CV with references
* fill in the application:

The start date is flexible, but we aim to fill the positions as soon as 

Applicants must have a PhD in Computer Science or a related subject at 
the time they start the position, be fluent in English, have good 
abilities to work in an international setting. The position is initially 
offered for one or two years, with opportunities for extensions. Salary 
and benefits at ISU are competitive and commiserate with experience. 
There are flexible options for remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If desired, there are several opportunities for growing the teaching 
section of the postdoc's CV; please specify if you want to explore this 
option. Possible courses for teaching experiences include a junior-level 
undergraduate C programming course on robust software engineering 
practices, numerical algorithms, and good code documentation in LaTeX; 
or an advanced course in Applied Formal Methods. ISU Center for 
Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers many opportunities for 
postdocs to learn state-of-the-art teaching best-practices. The ISU 
Center for Communication Excellence offers individualized training in 
written and oral communication skills to improve the quality of papers, 
proposals, and oral presentations. This is an excellent opportunity to 
enhance a CV for future academic positions.

PhD Application Instructions:
(1) Apply to the department of choice, where you would like the PhD to 
be granted:
Computer Science (Deadline Feb 1):
Computer Engineering (Deadline Feb 2):
Aerospace Engineering (Deadline Jan 15):
Mathematics (Deadline Feb 1):

(2) Send an email to kyrozier at letting me know which 
department you applied to.

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