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Miao Yansong’s research group at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is recruiting postdoctoral fellows China 2022

Miao Yansong’s research group at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is recruiting postdoctoral fellows China 2022

Group Profile
PI: Miao Yansong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, School of Life Sciences (Associate Professor & Nanyang Distinguished Professor & EMBO Global Investigator). Professor Miao graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (plant cell biology), and a postdoctoral fellow (HFSP Long-term fellow) in the laboratory of Academician David Drubin, director of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Berkeley (Cell Biology and Cell Biology). biochemistry). Since 2015, he has joined the special appointment as Nanyang Assistant Professor and is now a tenured professor.

Project introduction: Miao’s laboratory focuses on two major biological pathways, 1. The polar growth of fungi; 2. The immune regulation of the host in the interaction between plants and pathogens. We mainly focus on how macromolecular proteins can regulate biological signal activation or inhibition through macromolecular assembly to generate “aggregates”, which gradually evolve over time and space. We focus on how “biomolecular phase transitions” evolve in biofilms, and how biophysical properties are controlled by handing over macromolecular assemblies to control the activation or inhibition of biochemical activities, thereby regulating biological signaling.

Frontier cross-experiment system: Professor Miao’s research group focuses on interdisciplinary research, using ultramicroscopic imaging, single-molecule imaging, biophysics, macromolecular computational simulation, and combining genetics, synthetic biology, phytopathology and mycology to conduct in vitro and in vivo experiments Bilayer verification, in vitro lipid bilayer membrane and recombinant macromolecular protein assembly and function, in 2020, Professor Miao was awarded the EMBO Global Investigator by the European Molecular Biology Organization.

We sincerely invite outstanding aspiring young people to join the research group to seek the development of cutting-edge technology and open up new fields for scientific research.
1) Signal transduction in plant pathology: Using the analysis of how the assembly and phase transition of biomass membranes and protein macromolecules dynamically regulate plant immune activation, which evolves with the progress of interaction with pathogens.
2) Analyze how the fungal polar growth macromolecular complex assembles over time and space to regulate polar growth, which leads to the study of the pathogenic mechanism of the host, and fundamentally resolves fungal infection and host infection, including the host of plants and animals .

Laboratory homepage:

Representative work reference for the past three years
1. Tuan Minh Tran#, Choon-Peng Chng#, Xiaoming Pu, Zhiming Ma, Xiao Han, Xiaolin Liu, Liang Yang , Changjin Huang*, Yansong Miao*. (2021) Potentiation of plant defense by bacterial outer membrane vesicles is mediated by nanodomain assembly. The Plant Cell ( … ll/koab276/ 6427637)
2. Zhiming Ma, Yanbiao Sun, Xinlu Zhu, Liang Yang, Xu Chen, Yansong Miao* (2021) Membrane nanodomains modulate formin condensation for actin remodeling in Arabidopsis innate immune responses. The Plant Cell ( /10.1093/plcell/koab261)
3. He Sun, Xinlu Zhu, Chuanxi Li, Zhiming Ma, Xiao Han, Yuanyuan Luo, Liang Yang, Jing Yu, Yansong Miao* (2021) Xanthomonas Effector XopR Hijacks Host Actin Cytoskeleton Via Complex Coacervation. Nature Communications 12, 4064 [Link ] (Editors’ Highlights)
4. Zhiming Ma, Xiaolin Liu, Sangeeta Nath, He Sun, Tuan Minh Tran, Liang Yang, Satyajit Mayor, Yansong Miao* (2021) Formin Nano-clustering Mediated Actin Assembly during Plant flagellin and DSF-signalings . Cell Reports 34, 108884 [Link] (Editors’ Special Collection)
5. Ying Xie and Yansong Miao* (2021) Dynamic assembly of macromolecular polarisome complex for actin assembly in fungus. Journal of Cell Science 8;134(1):jcs247916 [Link]
6. Zhu Qiao#, He Sun#, Justin Tze Yang Ng, Qianqian Ma, Si Hui Koh, Yuguang Mu, Yansong Miao* and Yong-Gui Gao* (2019) Structural and computational examination of the Arabidopsis profilin-Poly-P complex reveals mechanistic details in profilin-regulated actin assembly Journal of Biological Chemistry 294, 18650-18661 [Link]
7. Ying Xie#, Jialin Sun#, Xiao Han, Alma Turšić-Wunder, Joel DW Toh, Wanjin Hong, Yong-Gui Gao *, Yansong Miao* (2019) Polarisome scaffolder Spa2-mediated macromolecular condensation of Aip5 for actin polymerization. Nature Communications 10:5078[Link]
8. Dingquan Huang#, Yanbiao Sun#, Zhiming Ma#, Meiyu Ke, Yong Cui, Zichen Chen, Chaofan Chen, Changyang Ji, Tuan Minh Tran, Liang Yang, Sin Man Lam, Yanhong Han, Guanghou Shui, Jiří Friml, Yansong Miao, Liwen Jiang, and Xu Chen* (2019) Salicylic Acid-mediated plasmodesmal Closure via Remorin-dependent Lipid organization. PNAS, 116 (42) 21274-21284 [Link]
9. He Sun, Zhu Qiao, Khi Pin Chua, Alma Tursic, Xu Liu, Yong-Gui Gao, Yuguang Mu, Xingliang Hou, Yansong Miao* (2018) Profilin negatively regulates formin-mediated actin assembly to modulate PAMP-triggered plant immunity. Current Biology 28, 1-14 [Link]

Job Requirements and salary

Position 1: Postdoctoral fellows (2-3 people)
(1) Job responsibilities:
1. Carry out scientific research work under the guidance of the research group leader, and welcome outstanding doctors/postgraduates to bring their own projects to join the research group for cooperation;

(2) Application conditions:
1. Has obtained or is about to obtain cell and molecular biology, botany, biophysics, biochemistry or related majors at home and abroad; at the same time, those with research experience in plant disease resistance or fungal biology are welcome; with quantitative biological analysis and Structural biology, relevant research experience is preferred;
2. Have a strong interest in scientific research, and have good English literature reading and writing skills;
3. Have the spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation, have the spirit of innovation, and have the courage to explore and try new interdisciplinary fields.
4. There are high-quality published or upcoming articles.
5. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, hard-working, honest, mutual aid and self-motivated.

(3) Benefits:
1. Generous annual salary, the specific salary is negotiable according to the applicant’s experience and achievements;

2. Postdoctoral fellows with excellent scientific research performance and meeting the application conditions can assist in applying for the Singapore and international postdoctoral awards
a. Nangyang Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship (with Independent funding and salary)
b. EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships
c. HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowships

3. Excellent international exchanges (GRC, keystone, EMBL, CSH type conferences and workshops), scientific research work environment for interdisciplinary learning, sufficient research funds, high-end Sophisticated experimental instruments, scientific research direction gives a higher degree of freedom.

Application materials
Applicants need to provide a complete English resume, contact information of 3 recommenders, 3 representative essays, unified into a PDF file, no larger than 10Mb, named “Postdoc Application-Miao Lab-YOUR NAME”. Email to PI mailbox:; The application materials are kept confidential. After passing the primary election, the candidates will be contacted and ZOOM interviews will be arranged; this recruitment notice is valid for a long time until full.


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