Specific work location:
Shenzhen University South Campus, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
Educational background and research direction:
PhD/Electronics and IC
Recruitment position:
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The Liu Junjie Distinguished Professor Team of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering of Shenzhen University is looking for one researcher, one associate researcher and 5-10 post-doctoral fellows. 

For a detailed introduction of Professor Liu Junjie, please refer to: http://ceie.szu.edu.cn/szucie/index.php/archives/6095.html

1. Research direction: electronic devices and integrated circuits related fields. 
This research group is mainly engaged in integrated circuits and Electronic device design, stability testing, thin film transistors, light sensors, gas sensors, etc. research work. 

2. Application requirements: 
1. Have obtained a doctorate degree or have obtained the qualification to be awarded a doctorate degree; 
2. Have strong English reading ability and English writing ability; 
3. Have published research papers in international academic journals. 

3. Employment period treatment: treatment of 
researcher and associate researcher: 
enjoy the treatment of a researcher or associate researcher of Shenzhen University, enjoy the benefits of Shenzhen University’s “five social insurance and one housing fund”, allowance for missed meals and physical examination. Wages are paid annually by the Human Resources Department of Shenzhen University. The specific salary is determined according to academic qualifications and research experience, and the annual salary is between 290,000 and 500,000. Meet the requirements of Shenzhen reserve-level talents (one of the conditions for obtaining the National Youth Fund, the Chinese Postdoctoral Fund, or staying in deep work for 5 years) to enjoy a housing subsidy of 1.6 million yuan (after tax) Selected overseas high-level talents of Shenzhen Peacock Program (A, B, C three categories), respectively, enjoy housing subsidies of 3 million, 2 million, and 1.6 million (after tax). Postdoctoral fellows who come to Shenzhen to sign a contract for more than three years can receive 300,000 yuan in scientific research funding. 

Postdoctoral remuneration: 320,000 or more 
According to the “Management Measures for Postdoctoral Training of Shenzhen University”: 
Shenzhen University (general) postdoctoral comprehensive salary is about 320,000 yuan. 
(1) Shenzhen City benefits
· The municipal government will grant a living allowance of 180,000 yuan per person per year to the post-doctoral fellows who have completed the preliminary examination and mid-term examination during the station, and the total amount shall not exceed 360,000 yuan. 
· The municipal government grants 300,000 yuan of subsidy to post-doctoral fellows out of the station for scientific research investment or preliminary expenses for entrepreneurship. 
· Those who meet the Shenzhen Talent Program can apply for corresponding housing subsidies. 
· If the post-doctoral talent funding policy of Shenzhen is adjusted, the latest document shall prevail. 
(2) Shenzhen University 
salary · Shenzhen University provides a comprehensive annual salary of about 140,000. 
· Outstanding postdoctoral fellows who meet the requirements of the school’s policies can apply for conversion to teachers. 
· Postdoctoral fellows can apply for funding for scientific research projects at all levels as the person in charge. 
· Post-doctoral personnel entering the station can choose to settle in Shenzhen voluntarily. For those who choose to settle in Shenzhen, their spouses and minor children can apply for moving in. The enrollment and enrollment of post-doctorate children shall be implemented in accordance with Shenzhen’s relevant regulations. 
At the bottom of the form 
(3), you can apply for Shenzhen reserve talents if you get national projects such as the National Youth Fund or the National Postdoctoral Fund. 1.6 million yuan after tax. (Subject to the latest documents of the Shenzhen Municipal Government) 

4. Candidates please provide the following materials: 
(1) Personal resume; 
(2) Representative research papers; 

5. Contact information: 
Email: 28007338@qq.com
Tel: 0755-26533630 

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