Here, on behalf of Teacher Liao Xuanhong from Taiwan, he posts a post-doc recruitment by Xiao Mu Chong. Teacher Liao and I have been friends for many years. They are high-level and enthusiastic about scientific research. They have established deep relationships with many of our mainland scholars. At present, Mr. Liao’s research group has sufficient funds and complete equipment. It is urgent to recruit 1-2 post-doctoral personnel to engage in research on organic catalysis and synthesis. In the current reality that it is becoming more and more difficult to apply for post-doctorate overseas, it is a wise choice to do a post-doctorate in Taiwan (currently recognized by the Ministry of Education as an overseas study experience in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), especially suitable for those who need overseas post-doc experience And hope that the students who publish articles as soon as possible, the salary and benefits are very superior. Young people with aspirations are welcome to consider joining Ms. Liao’s research group to jointly conduct high-level research. 

      Recruitment Number: 1-2 
      Position Type: Post-doctoral Researcher 

    [Working Location]: Liao Xuanhong Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan (Kaohsiung City) 

    [Laboratory Introduction]: 

      Teacher Liao is the host of the Taiwan Einstein/Yushan Youth Double Project The teachers also spare no effort in cultivating organic synthesis talents. The funds are sufficient and the laboratory is also full of vitality. The main research directions are organometallic/organic small molecule catalysis, photocatalytic reaction, asymmetric catalysis and natural product synthesis. The laboratory was established in 2019 and is currently equipped with a number of new instruments, including Agilent HPLC + Daicel chiral column multi-column/Agilent GC-MS tandem mass spectrometer/Vigor seven-column Dry Solvent System/and Dry Solvent System in series Vigor glove box/Biotage AutoColumn automatic column machine/photoreactor/Flow reactor/several ultra-low temperature reactors and other new instruments and equipment. 

    [Job requirements]: 

     1. Have obtained a doctorate degree in organic chemistry and have rich experience in chemical synthesis; 
     2. Have basic English communication and writing skills; 
     3. Have a good team spirit. 


     According to Taiwan’s salary payment method (special note: the salary offered here is definitely comparable to that of universities in mainland China and Hong Kong, and can enjoy Taiwan’s health insurance) 


    Please contact teacher Liao Xuanhong directly:


    Please attach a resume containing a list of academic publications, a copy of the graduation certificate, and the contact information of two recommenders who can provide letters of recommendation. 

  [Contact Information]: 

   Contact person: Liao Xuanhong 
   Contact person Tel: 07-5252-000 Extension: 3947 

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