Specific work location:
Institute of Photonics Technology, Jinan University, Panyu District, Guangzhou
20/25/30+70 thousand
Recruitment position:
Contact information:

1. Postdoctoral treatment of Jinan University 
  (1) Annual salary: 20, 250,000, 350,000 yuan/year (Guangzhou City provides an additional subsidy of 70,000 yuan per year). 
  (2) Housing: The school provides additional housing or rent of 20,000 per month to ensure that children are enrolled in school. Depending on the actual situation, the post-doctoral family members will be arranged to work in an appropriate manner. 
  (3) Award: From the second JCR-I area article, 30,000 yuan per article, from the second national project, 50,000 yuan per item. 
  (4) Visiting: 6-18 months of overseas cooperation research group exchanges (National University of Singapore, Purdue University, etc.) can be arranged depending on the needs of scientific research, with an additional funding of 10,000/month. 
  (5) Participation: sponsor participation in international academic conferences, with funding of 10,000 to 30,000 per time. 
  (6) Reward for scientific research achievements: For those who have obtained high-level scientific research achievements during the station, and meet the reward conditions, each reward is 50,000. 
Note: For outstanding papers, major projects and scientific research awards and other related achievements, the amount of awards can be increased as appropriate. 

2. Main research direction: laser processing and nano optics 
1. Research direction: super-resolution laser processing and imaging 
Job requirements: physical or optical related background, proficient in using femtosecond lasers, familiar with laser processing and confocal microscopy principles, nano-scale light Characterization system for interaction with matter, micro-area spectroscopy, etc. 
Main equipment: Libra, Chameleon femtosecond laser system, Andor spectrometer, PI nano-stage, dark-field microscope, electrochemical workstation 

2. Research direction: Nano optics 
Job requirements: physics or optics Relevant background, skilled use of FDTD and other simulation software, spectrometer microscopic imaging and other nanophoton characterization equipment, electron beam processing operation experience 
Main equipment: PI nano-shifting stage, confocal microscope, dark field microscope, Andor spectrometer, supercontinuum light source, 

3. Post-doc application conditions (requirements):
(1) Have obtained a doctorate degree, be under the age of 35, have strong English reading and writing skills; 
(2) Have a good academic ethics and rigorous scientific attitude, be healthy, and be competent for the job requirements; 
(3) Have strong independent research and innovation ability and teamwork spirit; 
(4) Publish more than 2 SCI-collected papers in authoritative journals in the field at home and abroad; 
(5) Have a research background in physics, optics, etc., priority is given to engaging in doctoral students Related research work. 

4. Contact information: 
Contact address: Jinan University Photonic Technology Research Institute, No. 855 Xingye Avenue East, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province 
Contact: Professor Li Xiangping or Cao Yaoyu, Jinan University Photonic Technology Research Institute 
Tel: 020-37337019 
E-mail: xiangpingli@jnu.edu.cn (e-mail title please specify: name application research intent) 
or E-mail: yaoyucao@jnu.edu.cn (e-mail title please specify: name intention to apply for research) 

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