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Kazuo Isobe Group Ecological Research Center Peking University recruitment China 2022

Kazuo Isobe Group Ecological Research Center Peking University recruitment China 2022

Kazuo Isobe (Kazuo Isobe), tenured associate professor/researcher at Peking University, graduated from Waseda University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree, graduated from the University of Tokyo in 2011 with a Ph.D. He served as an assistant professor in the department for 10 years, during which he also visited the University of California, Davis for two years. At the beginning of 2022, he joined the Ecological Research Center of the School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University as a researcher and the leader of the research group. So far, he has published more than 50 papers in academic journals such as Nat. Commum, ISME J, Soil Biol. Biochem., and has been cited more than 2,000 times. . The research directions of the research group are: microbial ecology, soil ecology, the interaction between plants and microorganisms, and ecosystem ecology.

Postdoctoral benefits:
1. Salary and benefits are based on the relevant standards of Peking University
2. Recommended to apply for “Boya” postdoctoral fellows ( )
3. Sponsor to participate in domestic and foreign academics Dispatched to conferences and international exchanges, assisting in applying for postdoctoral funds or the National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. Postdoctoral

job description:
Kazuo Isobe’s research group has long been engaged in cutting-edge research on how microorganisms promote soil formation and plant growth. The applicant’s research content and job responsibilities are:
1. Microbe-driven soil formation; 2. Research on soil microbe-plant interaction network; 3. Other research on microbe-soil-plant interaction; 4. Participate in student guidance, Other work arranged by the research group, such as the construction of the research group, assistance in completing the project application, etc.

Requirements for postdoctoral applicants:
1. Possessor is about to obtain a doctorate degree in ecology, biology, chemistry or physics, and other related majors, under the age of 35, within 5 years of graduation; 2. Have independent research and innovation ability, and publish high-level papers as the main author of Scientific research papers; 3. Able to communicate in English, read and write in English; 4. Physical and mental health, and meet other postdoctoral recruitment requirements of Peking University.

Postdoctoral application materials:
personal resume (including basic personal information, study and work experience, participation in scientific research projects, and a list of articles published in SCI)
Peking University postdoctoral application procedures, application forms, and application forms are available at ( .cn/bshyw/jzsq/index.htm )* All content should be in English

Research assistant category and job responsibilities:
professional and technical post, 1. Participate in the implementation of research projects of the research group, including the collection and analysis of field and indoor experimental data; 2. Assist in laboratory maintenance; 3. Assist in laboratory safety management; 4. Complete other tasks arranged by the research group.

Application requirements for research assistants:
1. Full-time undergraduate or above, with a background in ecology, biology, chemistry, or physics is preferred, and those who have a certain understanding and interest in soil microbial ecology are preferred; 2. Able to communicate in English, read and write in English, Japanese is preferred; 3. Have excellent time management and teamwork skills.

Remuneration: Employees under the labor contract, the remuneration, and treatment are implemented in accordance with the relevant remuneration standards of Peking University, and the specific treatment and contract period are negotiable.

Application procedures and materials: 1. Conduct preliminary selection of candidates according to the job application conditions; 2. Email notification to qualified candidates to participate in the interview,
please send the following materials to the contact email: 1. Resume (with photos and contact information); 2. Applicants should briefly describe the nature of their research background, technical expertise, and reasons for applying. *All content should be in English

Tutor contact:

The subject of the email is: Postdoctoral + Name/Research Assistant + Name

1. Mentor’s website: … 6/id/270 /sid/0.html
2. Peking University Postdoctoral Management Policy:
3. “Boya” Postdoctoral Program: htm

deadline: until full


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