The Jieqing team, deputy director of the 
Fujian Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences , urgently recruits 1-2 post-doctoral fellows (no academic requirements) The deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry of Fujian Institute of the Structure of Matter, Jieqing Zhang Jian’s team recruits 1-2 postdoctoral fellows , Mainly engaged in the direction of MOF film materials, the team has a good academic atmosphere, good scientific research conditions, complete equipment, and specific interviews. 

Doctors who have been engaged in chemistry, physics or materials majors are fine, no academic and age requirements are required; the salary refers to the postdoctoral treatment of Fujian Institute of Physics; Work location: Fuzhou 

If you have any intention or recommendation, please contact email: [email protected] ; tel: 15859020903; qq: 402532741, thank you!

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