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Jiangsu University of Science and Technology Ph.D/Post-doctoral recruitment 2022

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology’s latest recruitment of excellent talents for doctoral and post doctoral in 2022

1. School Profile
Jiangsu University of Science and Technology currently has more than 2,100 faculty members, more than 17,500 general undergraduate students, more than 3900 graduate students (including professional degree graduate students), and more than 730 full-time foreign students. There are more than 7080 students at Suzhou Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. The school has 16 colleges, 65 undergraduate majors, and 3 post-doctoral research mobile stations.
It has 15 national, provincial, and ministerial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 10 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 11 provincial and ministerial public service platforms, 2 national, provincial, and ministerial technology transfer institutions, and 11 national and provincial key laboratories. Ministerial Collaborative Innovation Center, Engineering Technology R&D Center, Key University Philosophy and Social Science Research Base, Off-campus Practice Education Base for University Students, and Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Base.

2. Subjects:
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Mechanics, Port, Waterway and Coastal Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, HVAC and Artificial Environment, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering , Electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, metallurgical engineering, management science and engineering, business administration, economics, computer science and technology, software engineering, cyberspace security, artificial intelligence, civil engineering, engineering management, architecture, animal husbandry, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Optical Engineering, Foreign Language and Literature, Marxist Theory and Philosophy, Legal Theory, History of Science and Technology, Public Administration, Political Science , Sociology, Physical Education.

3. Recruitment conditions:
(1) Ph.D. generally graduated from a “double first-class” construction university (or well-known research institution);
(2) Published papers in the field during Ph.D. (post) study;
(3) Generally not more than 40 years old, The age of persons with deputy senior titles can be appropriately relaxed.

4. Application method

(1) Supplementary application method for teachers
Candidates will send their resumes, award certificates, and other materials to the college recruitment mailbox and the personnel office mailbox ([email protected], [email protected] ) at the same time. Email subject format: name + application department + application major + graduate school + doctoral/postdoctoral + current job title + excellent talent network. If the major you are studying is suitable for multiple positions, you should send your resume to the relevant college recruitment mailbox.
Contact: Teacher Shao, Teacher Zhao, Teacher Xu
Personnel Office Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject format of the email: name + department + major + institution + doctoral/postdoctoral + current title + excellent Talent Network
Tel: 051184401019 (26)
Official website:

(2) How to apply for post-doctorate (full-time postdoctoral) Faculty faculty Candidates will send their resume, award certificates, and other materials to the college’s mailbox (details) See attachment 2) and the mailbox of the Boguan Office ([email protected], [email protected] Email subject format: name + major + teacher postdoctoral (or full-time postdoctoral) + graduate school + excellent talent network.
Contact: Teacher Zhao
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Tel: 051184400966


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