We are seeking an outstanding researcher to join the ranks of a fast-growing startup in the biotech industry. The successful candidate will be part of a fast-paced, innovative R&D team and will have opportunities to work on developing technologies that will have immediate commercial impact. He/she will contribute towards the experimental design, execution and analysis of novel nucleic acid assays. This position is a temp-to-hire, contingent on performance and company dynamics. Tasks & Responsibilities: * Originate new innovative ideas in the area of multiplex-PCR, next-generation sequencing and sample preparation for diverse sample food, environmental and clinical samples 
* Design and execute experiments, analyze results, and report conclusions 
* Assume ownership of key projects and perform prerequisite tasks independently 
* Demonstrate proof-of-principle for each novel approach and rapidly transition through product development culminating with a solution that is scalable 
* Optimize assay conditions to achieve commercial levels of stability, robustness, and performance 
* Be a strong individual contributor as well as a collaborative team member 
* Conduct clear and concise communication with colleagues and supervisors through oral updates, written reports and technical meetings 
* Maintain a detailed record of all research avenues pursued 
* Demonstrate flexibility without compromising productivity Requirements * PhD in molecular biology, genetics, genomics, biochemistry or microbiology 
* At least one first author publication stemming from doctoral work 
* Strong analytical skills, hypothesis-driven, quantitative frame of mind 
* Four years experience in wet-lab experimentation with deep understanding of different molecular biology tools 
* Strong background in microbiology, genetics, genomics and a solid understanding of PCR-based and NGS-based assays 
* Familiarity and adequate skills in bioinformatics and data analysis tools 
* Ability to meticulously execute complex experimental designs, analyze large data sets and interpret results (by way of statistics when applicable). 
* Capacity to articulate concise reports that convey key findings 
* Exceptional written and verbal communication skills 
* Appreciation for elegant solutions 
* Well-mannered laser focused individual who values innovation and productization Benefits Unlimited PTO Comprehensive medical, dental, vision insurance Lunch onsite 5 days a week High quality snacks and beverages



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